Wednesday, December 25, 2013

¿Que Tal?
So things keep moving along here. The past two weeks have probably been the fastest in my whole life. Besides the first day that we arrived here every single day has just flown by! It´s hard to believe.
This week I got hit with the infamous Montazuma´s Revenge and it lasted about 4 days and I still am experiencing remnants of it. It really is no fun. But it hasn´t kept me back from going about the daily life here in the Guatemala CCM. Whenever I´m getting really bad stomach pains I just think about how much my Savior went through for me and then I really don´t think about it too much. I´ve noticed here that I´ve done a really good job with having a good attitude about things instead of always dragging my arms around complaining about my health or the unstructured schedule of the CCM.
The CCM building is pretty nice. Like I said my room is on the third floor and our window looks right out to the front of the Guatemala City Temple. There´s pretty much no carpet anywhere in here so I kind of miss that a little bit. Our room has 3 bunk beds in it and there are two American elders who have been here two weeks longer than us, my companion and I, and two hispano elders who are leaving tomorrow (but we´ll get new ones on Wednesday). The rooms really aren´t that big and the biggest meeting room we have here isn´t too big either. We spend most of the day in our classroom doing studies on our own or with the teacher. The excercise part of the CCM is nice because they have two basketball courts that double for soccer. 
One thing I really enjoy here is getting to talk to all the Hispano Elders. I´ve made really good friends with a couple of them but they are all leaving tomorrow so I´m kind of sad. There´s one elder from Peru that I´ve really gotten to be good friends with because we found out that we like the same kinds of music and we get really excited when we share songs with each other. It´s so great talking with him because a lot of the time I´m able to understand everything he says and I can say everything I want to say. 
The CCM president here is a really cool guy. We´ve already had one interview with him and you can tell that he really cares about the missionaries. There are so many wonderful senior couples that work here and they make things here a lot better.
We got to go to the temple last week (and again tomorrow) and I really enjoyed it.  The temple is so beautiful (like everything here is in Guatemala) and the session was great. It´s nice we can do it in english since there are enough of the older couples and english speaking temple workers.
This past week we also got a visit from a general authority. It was Elder Amado from the seventy. I think he is the area authority for Central America so it was a pretty cool experience. During the meetings with all the Elders and Sisters present us American elders get these little PA systems that we can get translated in English to. It was nice to have that during Elder Amado´s devotional because he had some awesome counsel.
I just love getting all your uplifting emails and I wish I had the time to answer every single one of your questions but I just don´t have the time! I wrote a letter last week but I haven´t gotten stamps yet so I will probably sending two letters your way any day now. By the way I got your letter mom! It came in only 9 days (which is pretty amazing)! I am so eternally grateful for your prayers and thoughts on my behalf and I really can feel them uplifting me and helping me press forward in this work without you being here with me. I try to never take for granted the great love and support I have from you all. I am so grateful for the experiences that I´m having here and all that I am learning about myself and all that the Lord is teaching me. I absolutely know that this gospel is true. I see its truthfulness every day and I will continue to see it for the rest of my life. I want each one of you to never forget that I love you all and that I really do care about you and that your father in heaven cares about you so much! I love you all!
Elder Jensen

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