Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

October 16, 2013

I wish I knew where to start! Like I told you in my last little short email I made it to the CCM without any issues. Everything went so perfect! It was a pretty wierd feeling after I had left you all after security. I was surpirsed that I wasn´t more scared but I knew what I was doing was right and that I could rely on the strength of the Lord. I headed to my gate without any problems and I got a waterbottle that I ended up using the entire trip. The flight to Atlanta left pretty late so I was pretty nervous when we arrived in Atlanta and it was already past the time that we were supposed to board the flight to LA. When I got off the plane in Atlanta I figured out that my gate was in another part of the airport so I had to take that train that you were talking about dad. When I got off the train I saw that my gate was way at the end so I was speed walking all the way there which was hard because I had those heavy bags and the airport was packed. When I finally got where I needed to be I was so happy to see that the flight hadn´t left and it turned out that it didn´t leave for another half an hour or so which was such a huge blessing. What was even more awesome was that there was another Elder there at the gate. He from Florida. He´s actually in my CCM district now and we are all pretty close. I´m so glad that he had his dad´s old missionary name tag on because I don´t know if I would have noticed hime. We had fun talking as we waited to get on the plane and I was really excited when I found out we were both going to the Guatemala Retalhuleu Mission. It was such a tender mercy to have another Elder there because it helped me calm down and not feel so lonely. I also enjoyed learning that we kind of had a lot of the same feelings and fears about what was going on so I was so glad that he was there. The flight from Atlanta to LA went ok but it was pretty long. I think it ended up being longer than the flight from LA to Guatemala. When me and Elder Walker got to LA we were able to find the gate for the Guatemala flight and there were a ton of missionaries at the gate. We were so excited! We were all straight from home so it was super fun to talk to each other and I´m really grateful that we were all able to meet up. Most of the misisonaries were from Utah and California and there were some from Oregon, Arizona, and a sister from Hawaii. It was so cool to see all of us young missionaries together from all over the country with a huge excitement to share this amazing gospel. I was able to get some McDonalds in the LA airport and I tried to enjoy it knowing that it could be a while until I get to have that again. The flight from LA to Guatemala was overnight so most people were asleep but as usual I had trouble dozing off. As we were landing into the city it was so cool to see all the mountains, lakes, and so much green! This place is so beautiful and I love it so much! Another huge blessing was that all my suitcases made it Guatemala! I was pretty worried because of the short layover in Atlanta. When I thought back on the whole trip I was definitely guided by the Lord´s hand because everything worked out so well and there were so many tender mercies (quickly figuring out the gate I needed, getting on the right train in Atlanta, the other missionary, the LA flight getting delayed, and so much more!) I know it was because of all of your prayers for me back home and because of mine as well! Thank you for praying for me!
The bus ride from the airport to the CCM was really cool because we drove by so many cool things in the city! It was also pretty scary because people drive so crazy here! I don´t know how they do it! When we got to the CCM we were able to figure out who our companions were and which rooms we were in. Our room is so awesome because it has a perfect view to the Guatemala City Temple! I couldn't believe how lucky we were! Every day when we walk into our room we can see that perfect view of the temple and it is so great!
The CCM itself is pretty nice. It´s really small but that makes it easy to get around. The meals are also better than the ones in Provo (or so I´ve been told) because everything is more personal. On the second day here we found out that we were going to be teaching our first investigator. He works as a chef here at the CCM. He´s worked here for a year and surprisingly he hasn´t had any lessons from the missionaries. Luckily he speaks English fairly well so we are able to get our lessons across if we start to blank on the language.
I´m so grateful for this chance I have to spend two years as a servant of the Lord and that I get to spend all my time focusing on the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love you all so much and I am so so so blessed to have family and friends that support me in this wonderful work!
Elder Jensen

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