Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hopefullly you weren`t too worried not to hear from me yesterday. I had a pretty fun week because we got to go to the capital yesterday! The rest of the week was pretty normal as I continue to survive and learn a lot.

Like I said yesterday I got to go to the capital with almost all of my CCM district to finish up all the paperwork for my visa. We went to the mission office Sunday evening where we got to reunite with our CCM district after two weeks. We were all so happy to see each other and I think we all really needed it because these first few weeks for a missionary are not too easy. We had so much fun talking about our areas and all our experiences and I really needed that a lot! We slept at a hotel in Reu and then left at 4am for the Guatemala City. All we did there was sign a paper and get a photo taken and it was pretty short. We did get to eat McDonalds and Taco Bell which was super awesome! I just loved being with my district again and getting to speak some English (because I never have a chance to speak it)! It really helped to see that some of the feelings and thoughts I was having during the first couple weeks were really normal and we all had some pretty tough challenges. It was interesting because here in the mission it`s like there`s two different worlds! WIth the cold and the hot and it was really cool to hear all the different stories and experiences of  the district.

As we were coming back to Calahuache it started to pour rain. It was crazy because we take these big vans called buses everywhere and when they are full you hang on to a bar and stand outside and we had to stand outside of the van as it was pouring rain! I got so so wet! It wasn`t terribly fun but quite an experience! We were kind of laughing the whole time but it was pretty crazy! Luckily nothing got ruined or anything like that. I just remember being so wet and feeling all the rain drops hit us as we were speeding along. I definitely won`t forget that experience!

I`ve really discovered here how much my testimony grows every day here! There are a lot of times where I feel there is nothing familiar here and it`s tough but then I always find that I have the gospel and I have the Lord and just having to rely on those things helps me see how important they are and how much I want to share these blessings with everyone! I wouldn`t be able to make it here without this gospel and I am so grateful that I have it and the help of the Lord! Thank you for your prayers that keep me going and help me to keep working hard!

Elder Jensen

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