Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dear Family,
I continue to just enjoy my time here away from the cares of the world and being so deeply involved in the gospel of the savior and the work of salvation. My digestive health has been getting a lot better but there are some days where my stomach can be pretty unforgiving.
Amazing experience this week! The day after I wrote you last week (I think it was Tuesday) we had the chance to take a trip to Walmart and then to a food court with fast food. But before we headed to walmart they took us to the Stake Center here in this part of the city and let us play around in the gym for a while. We forgot to bring a ball so we ended up playing all these really wierd games in the cultural hall but it ended up being pretty fun. There are a handful of polynesian elders here from Hawaii and other places so we played some of their favorite games which were pretty interesting but pretty fun too. Anyway, after our time in the chapel we all got back on the bus to head to walmart. Heading out of the Stake Center there was a bit of an incline and as the bus was driving down it we somehow got stuck. The back wheels weren´t fully on the ground and the bus wasn´t moving. The driver kept hitting the gas but those wheels had nothing to grab on to. Luckily we weren´t blocking all the lanes of traffic and there was still one lane that the cars could get through. After a little while longer of the driver trying to drive off the incline we had all the Elders get off the bus and try to push the bus. We did this a few times and we actually dented in the back of the bus because there was so much man power on the bus. The driver and some people off the street helped us to wedge some wood pieces under the wheels to get some traction but even with the traction and the arm strength of about 25 missionaries we still couldn´t move that bus! It reminded me of grandma and grandpa´s story of their travels in south america when their bus got stuck in that river. We finally go smart enough to huddle up together and say a prayer. After the prayer we gave it all we had trying to push that bus and after another 7 minutes or so we got the bus to move a bit and a little later we say the bus go down the incline and onto the road! We were all so happy and cheering and of course we made sure to huddle up again and thank Heavenly Father for that divine strength. It was a pretty interesting experience because it was a little bit scary but also a really cool and faith building experience. I also got some good pictures of me trying to push the bus that I should be able to send once I´m out in the field.
Our time in Walmart was also really great becasue I was able to find some hangers! I don´t think I´ve ever been so excited about having hangers! I was also able to get a tide to go pen which is one of the most useful things for a missionary because somehow I always get stuff on my shirts. I´ve been working hard to spend my money sparingly and it´s been really good experience for me. After walmart we went to a food court this really nice mall and I had some pizza hut. It was so good! The awesome thing was is that I got all this awesome good food and it was only $3 or so! We have a couple Elders from Oregon in our district and as we were coming out of the mall they were saying that the scene looked exactly like Oregon which made me think of you dad. I just can´t get over how beautiful this place is!
We had another general authority come this week which was really fun. I think his name was Elder Calbes but I couldn´t find him in the picture of the seventy. I really liked his message and was excited that I could understand a lot of what he was saying without the translation. A new batch of missionaries came in this week and the group of nortes and hispanos is so huge that we now have to have our classes at the chapel behind the temple. I really enjoy walking right by the temple a few times every day. Also the chapel is down a hill behind the temple and we get to look up and see all the amazing spires and angel Moroni. Also there are all these really cool trees, flowers, and plants around the chapel and there is a great view of this big hill that is just covered with trees and some houses and it is so lovely! Of course the sky is always amazing beacause it always the perfect blue and the clouds are just amazing.  I will say though that I´m not missing the cold weather. Here in the city the weather is just perfect every day. 
I have just loved getting all the spiritual support from all of you! I´m not sure how I´m able to survive without you all but I´m pretty certain that it has to do with all your prayers for me! I also love hearing from you all even if I can´t respond super personally. I think something that has really helped is the bond that we have in our CCM district. We´ve spent 3 weeks living together studying the gospel and we pretty much become hermanos (brothers). I´m so glad that we are all going to the Retalhuleu mission because I would be pretty sad if we were all going to different missions.
I am so anxious to get out into the field! It´s tough sometimes in the CCM because we always talk about our purpose but we can´t really invite anyone to come unto Christ for 3 more weeks. I´m not really sure what to expect of the mision field but I am really looking forward to the moment that I get to help someone´s family recieve the blessings of the gospel and enjoy the wonderful peace and love that we are all so privledged to have. I really am so grateful for this calling and I try not to take it for granted because I know that it´s going to be over before I realize. I love each of you so very much and I know that I am doing the right thing as I use all my energy to serve the Savior.
Elder Jensen

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