Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I'm sorry again about writing on a different day of the week! Things keep getting switched around with our activities and new missionaries always coming in. Tomorrow we are going to go to a giant central market and
see a really cool 3D map of Guatemala so they moved our writing day to today. I can´t believe how fast these past two weeks has gone!I think I can safely say that these were the fastest two weeks of my life! It´s kind of a sad thing because I know with each week that goes by I am losing this super amazing time to put all my effort and heart in the work of salvation and also into the studies of the gospel. It is so great not to have to worry about worldly things like money and school and always have my thoughts centered on the savior.

I wish I had an amazing story this week like the bus story last week but it was a pretty normal week. We did have a district meeting yesterday where we all started bearing our testimonies of the Savior and the Atonement and it was such a cool spiritual experience. There were a lot of waterworks going and it was a really cool moment. The only thing was that our meeting was supposed to be half an hour and it ended up going for an hour and a half. Once we were finished we noticed that we hadn´t eaten dinner and when we walked into the cafateria all the food was gone! We kind of flipped out for a while and just started drinking a lot of the juice in the cafeteria but we were able to find a worker and they brought some food out for us. I guess our district meeting almost turned into a district fast!
Like I said earlier, it´s hard to believe how close we are to leaving for the field. I can still vividly remember getting here on the airplane and now we are almost getting on a bus for Retalhuleu! I am so excited to get into the mission field even if it may be super super hot. To be honest I am not missing the cold weather at all because the weather here in the city is so perfect! Although I should probably watch out because I´m probably going to be missing it when I am covered in sweat in a few weeks.
I´ve really enjoyed the wonderful growth of my testimony that I´ve had here at the CCM. Just being together with young men and women who have such unshakable testimonies in this gospel and are so willing to give all they have for the Lord is such a powerful thing. It´s incredible to see the things that all of us have overcome to be here and the blessings we have all already recieved. I think that I´m really starting to understand the joy and blessings of studying the gospel. I just learning from the prophets and feeling the Spirit of their words as they testify of the divinity of the Savior. I´ve also learned how important the atonement is for us as missionaries. Not only to help us repent of our mistakes but it really is what gives us the extra strength and energy to work our hardest the whole day and not just want to sleep all day. I´m so grateful for this strength that the Lord gives to his missionaries throught the atonement and through all of your spirits, prayers and support for me.
I am always so grateful to be here and feel so privledged to get to where Christ´s name with mine every single day. I try not to take this time and calling for granted and I try to enjoy my service the the Lord the best I can. I´m so grateful that you all are there to support me and that we can all rejoice together in the joy of the gospel. I love you all so much and am so grateful that I am able to bless you with this service!
Elder Jensen

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