Monday, January 26, 2015

Chickens, Coconuts and Cushins

Drinking from coconuts.  It is really refreshing but has a pretty strange taste.

Getting the coconuts down.

Dear Family,

It looks like I will be in Malacatán a little while longer! I don´t have changes! I am super excited and ready to work super hard in our area!

So this past week my companion had a bad luck moment.  A few days ago Elder Walton woke me up at 5 in the morning telling me that he had a bug in his ear.  We weren´t sure what to do and decided to figure out some way to get to the hospital the fastest we could because he was in a lot of pain.  We got there and after some alcohol in his ear, Elder Walton had the culprit. It was a decent sized moth that had got into his ear and was flapping around. It was super crazy and a fun story to tell to people this week. But now I have a phobia of moths getting in my ear.

Some of our investigators have decided to no longer visit with us but we were blessed to find a huge amount of new people to teach this past week and we are excited to continue helping people come to Christ.
A view of the area where the sister missionaries work.
Through some awesome miracles and some members who brought their friends to church with them we were able to have 5 new people to church on Sunday and that same day we went and invited them to prepare to be baptized by someone with the proper authority. 4 of the 5 accepted baptismal dates in February so we are very excited and have our work cut out for us this month. These are definitely blessings from our diligence and also from our fasts.
A chicken randomly jumped on Elder Walton's
leg in the lesson and wouldn´t get down.
I was reading a lot in Alma 32 this last week that talks about how when the gospel is first taught and received it is like planting a seed. The seed is always good, but sometimes when we don´t nurture the seed (don´t pray or read in the Book of Mormon or don´t attend church) then it dries out and doesn´t take root.  I am always trying my best to help these people nurture the seed and do all that they can so that it takes root and grows and gives fruit.  It such an amazing time in my life to dedicate all my energy to Him and His work!

Elder Jensen

Eating some strange, fuzzy fruit called Cushin that just falls from trees.

Saying good-bye to Elder Black (the zone leader) he left the area, but I´m staying!

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