Monday, February 2, 2015


A trip to the waterfalls in San Pablo (Tocache)

Dear Family,

I am really really enjoying this part of my mission! I wish the time would just slow down a little bit.

We have worked really hard this week to teach some very positive people we have found. Last Sunday we were able to bring an older lady named A. with her granddaughter J. Well after some very spiritual visits with them they came to church again this Sunday and also A. brought another grandson, M. and he wants to start attending early morning Seminary! We had a very cool lesson yesterday where we challenged them all once again to be baptized. We had originally thought about the 21st of this month but the Spirit gave us the impression that A. was ready for this Saturday. I said a prayer in my heart and as we challenged her to be baptized this Saturday she said yes. She explained that as she prayed she had heard a voice saying she should be baptized in the church. She also had a spiritual moment taking the sacrament where she almost began to cry and decided she wanted to be baptized. It really was a miracle and I know that we aren´t the ones that have converted A., it is the Lord.

We are also teaching one of the students of a high school teacher that is a member of the church. Her name is F. and she has really enjoyed learning about the church. She came to church for the second time yesterday and she wants to receive an answer from God to know if she should be baptized. We have brought several members of the ward with us to help her feel comfortable in the church and we continue to pray that she will feel the Spirit tell her that she needs to join the church.

On Thursday we had an awesome visit from Elder Adrian Ochoa from the Seventy. He taught us some awesome ways we can improve and find more prepared people to teach. I always am amazed at the spirituality of the general authorities. It just makes me want to live a better life and always study my scriptures to be able to have that kind of knowledge and testimony.

One Guatemalan snack I am starting to love are Granizadas (extreme snow cones). Granizadas are shaved ice mixed with a ton of flavored syrup, fruit, and a ton of other things. The hard thing is that most places that make them don´t use clean water for the ice (some tell us that it´s boiled river water). Luckily this week we found an awesome place that makes all types of granizadas and it is safe! (Well I think so) I will have to learn how to make these so you can try them, they are an explosion in your mouth!

We had a super funny experience with one family we were visiting. They have a ton of little boys (a lot like our family). Elder Walton was trying to explain to these boys what a moose was (there are a lot in Wyoming). The problem was that we didn´t know the word in Spanish for ´moose´ and they had no idea what we were talking about. The boys brought out like 5 or 6 of their school books trying to figure out what this animal was and we were just laughing at how hard it was to get these kids to figure out what a moose was. Just one of those weird things you can´t explain to Guatemalan children who have never seen a moose.

I am so grateful for another fun and productive week in the Lord´s service. I am learning each day to be humble and realize I am not the person that converts God´s children, it is the Lord. I am so grateful for that and remember it always!

Elder Jensen

Pictures of our trip to the water fall today.

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