Monday, January 19, 2015

You're never too old.

Outside the nursing home.

Dear Family,

I never thought you could have get so much done and have so much fun in the service of the Lord, but you can!

This last week was super packed and awesome. We were super blessed last Sunday to bring some new people to church and even more blessed to have someone preparing for baptism. R. (an 85 year old that is still strong enough to bike down to a town called Catarina which is pretty far) who we contacted on the street about 10 days ago is preparing for his baptism this Saturday and we feel so blessed to be able to teach and help him take this great step in his life. He is a chosen soul of the Lord and since the very first time we met him I knew that the Lord had guided us to him for a reason. Yesterday when I called him to set our visit that day he told me ´Elder Jensen, I am reading my Book of Mormon right now and I love it!´ We are excited for his baptism this Saturday!

Later in the week we got the chance to go do some service in a nursing home. The project was to bring joy to the old folks there. We prepared a cool plan of salvation message for them and then we got to play some games. My companion and I played some jenga with them and I was surprised that despite the arthritis and shakiness in their hands they always managed to beat me every game! I am not sure how! I really enjoyed being with them and I was surprised how tiring it can be to try to bring energy and excitement but it was so worth it, also I met a guy with about 50 grandkids! Wow!
We went to a nursing home to share a little message (Plan of Salvation) and to play some games (we played Jenga with them, it was really fun)

Eating lunch with our new friends.

Later in the week we asked one of the really cool members of the ward who is a teacher in the big school here to come and visit a family with us. It turns out that one of the members of the family is his student in class. They enjoyed having that connection and after a really cool lesson she commited to come to church and she even accepted the invitation to be baptized! It was super awesome but she got the ´Chinkunkuya´ sickness Saturday night so she couldn´t go to church, but next Sunday she surly will! 

A creepy sidenote this week is that as we entered the house the other night we say a huge black thing moving around the room and we realized it was a huge rat! It chose to go hide behind my dresser and the only idea that occured to us was to smash the dresser against the wall to be rid of the rat. Well after a big push and a lot of squealing and thrashing we had our victim.

Well I've talked a lot about the week now. I just hope to continue having wonderful weeks with a lot of sweat, miracles, and laughs. I love being a missionary and I am trying to make the most out of every moment!


Elder Jensen

Our last meeting with Hermana Denis (she leaves this week).
J. (green shirt) is our ward mission leader (he is so cool)

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