Monday, January 12, 2015


Dear Family,

For some reason I did a whole lot of bus travel this week. I always thought that traveling in a bus should help relieve a little bit of stress from the work but it really stresses me out! Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are all in the bus like cooked sardines and there is the occasional time where we have to stand on the bus for more than an hour. Maybe one of those little things I won`t miss too much after the mission.

This week we traveled to Reu for a leaders meeting and it is always super fun to see some of my awesome friends in the mission at those meetings. Not to mention that we always come out of those meetings super excited and ready to work harder than ever before!

I also got the chance to go to San Rafael this week to help the missionaries with some of the people they were teaching. I went with Elder H. again who is a super awesome new missionary. He is one of those Elders that you always can feel the Spirit with him. We had some cool experiences and we were able to set up 2 baptisms for this coming Saturday. Later in the day we were walking by the church and saw some middle-aged guys playing basketball and we had the idea to make a deal that if we could beat their team that they would come with us to church on Sunday. We thought it would be a good idea until they told us that if we lost we would have to go to their church on Sunday. Since our churches meet at the same time we kind of decided to drop the deal and just play with them. It was pretty fun and I was surprised how well they played! Never doubt a Guatemalan´s basketball skills.

We also worked super hard this week here in our area. It looked like we were going to have 10 or more people attend church this Sunday but something happened where almost everyone backed out at the last minute and we were only able to bring 3, which was still a huge blessing.

I am really enjoying my time with my Wyoman companion (maybe that is how you call somebody from Wyoming). Elder W. and I have gotten along great and we both like to work hard which is awesome. We have also had some pretty funny moments. Like every morning when we get in our freezing cold ice shower we usually think of crazy things to yell to make the water not feel so cold. I`m not sure my body will ever get used to the cold water. I am just really grateful for all that I have learned from him and I hope that if it is the Lord´s will we can stay together as companions for a little while longer. 
A picture I took in the internet place because I felt bad that I had no more pictures, it is a little weird. :)

This Sunday we found an older man named R. on the street and invited him to attend church. He told us that he used to attend in a close by town called Catarina and that he would be thrilled to come to church. Well, he came and we found out that he hasn´t become a member of the church yet. We will work really hard this week to help him progress in the gospel! It was a huge miracle that we were able to find him in the street that day.

I love seeing miracles each day and I know that our Heavenly Father lives and loves all of his children. He wants them all to hear this joyful message and how happy I am to be one of those messengers!

Elder Jensen

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