Sunday, January 4, 2015


Getting water out of a huge well.

Dear Family

We had a really fun Christmas in this past week! Despite almost exploding for the amount of tamales we ate.  On Christmas Eve we went with a family where we are working a lot with the dad who used to be very active in the church but hasn´t attended for 15 years. Last Sunday we helped him (F.) to attend and on Christmas Eve we helped the family make tamales. It was super fun to put in the mix in the leaf and then the chicken and other ingredients. We were joking with them because some of the tamales I made looked like tuc tuc´s and others looked like semi´s. That made them all laugh pretty hard. When our leaves ran out we went and got some leafs of the banana trees (which are huge leafs) and cut them up to put the tamales in. It was probably my favorite part of Christmas. It was pretty funny later when they told us that some of the tamales were missing the ´mole´ which is the sauce that gives flavor the whole thing. I guess I am not an expert yet. 

Making tamales.

In the night a member family invited some of us missionaries to go eat and play games so we were there with 4 other missionaries and after we went to their house and had a fun time with some fireworks. We were very safe about it, don´t worry. 

M's Baptism
 I think the highlight this week (besides getting to skype with you guys) was that M. was baptized! After about 2 and a half months of teaching him he was able to be baptized and it was a wonderful service. It turns out that one of the members that was there in the baptism was M.´s cousin and that was fun to see them give each other a hug and feel happy about M.´s decision. M. has really turned his life around and the Savior has helped him to feel clean from all his mistakes. Also the member (F.) who referred us to M. gave a nice message in the service. It was super special and really awesome for Elder N.´s first baptism.

Today for P-day we went to San Pablo to do service for some family of a member. It was pretty crazy because we were going to extend the roof of the house so using the sticks and lámina that we had we put in some posts and laid some lámina down on it and, boom, a bigger house. Not your everyday service project but I least I will know how to make Guatemalan houses when I get back.

I am so grateful for the chance I had to see a lot of miracles here in Malacatán.  Thank you all for the great support and happy new year!

Elder Jensen

Getting a gift from Elder Fickes.

Making Guatemalan steaks at our zone Christmas meeting.

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