Friday, January 9, 2015

A trip to Reu

My dad (or mission trainer), Elder Coello, me and my son, Elder N.I had a lot of fun talking with Elder Coello!

Dear Family,

Things have changed once again. I am with Elder W. He is super excited to be in the field again after having been in the office as the financial secretary for a long time. I am excited to work hard and have fun with him!

On Monday we got a surprise call from the office that we had to be in Reu later in the day. I guess I didn`t understand because I thought they would bring my new companion that night but when they showed up they just yelled, ´Get in Elder Jensen, we are headed to Reu.´ It turned out we were in Reu for a couple days while they were getting me a new companion. The bad thing was that I hadn´t brought any clothes to change in or anything to stay a couple nights and my shirt got very dirty, and I mean very dirty. Luckily one of the nights I chose to wash it by hand and it turned out alright. The good thing of the trip is that I got to see my trainer in the mission again, Elder Coello. I hadn´t seen him for a long time and it was soo good to talk with him again and really talk about our times together a year ago. We have both grown a lot spiritually and I just enjoyed being with him for a while. He made me feel more motivated to continue strong in the mission. 

Some of these missionaries are from my CCM group.

It was a little strange this week since I hadn´t been here in my area for a few days but we were able to work super hard to find new people and we came across an older lady who was baptized about 25 years ago. We found her because the ward gave us some names of less active members that they couldn´t find and we went and found her. It turns out that she loves the church and we were able to help her attend this Sunday and also bring some of her grandchildren that are not members of the church. It was a really cool experience to find her and help her come to church. 

Well, I have really enjoyed this week even though it was a little different and I continue to love serving the people here in Guatemala. I am so glad that I have learned to love the people I serve because that has changed my whole attitude about being a missionary! Take care and have a great 2015!


Elder Jensen 

My new companion, Elder W.

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