Sunday, June 29, 2014

Telephone Lessons

Teaching an investigator that was working all week
far away so we had to teach him over the phone.

Dear Family,

I really enjoyed getting to work really hard this week to find a lot of new people and really help them feel the joy of the good news that we have for them!

Some of the people that we were teaching decided not to continue lessons with us. We started to pretty much ask everyone who we could teach or who would be interested and it was very cool to see how we were guided to some very prepared people and also able to offer more service! I am really starting to love offering service to people; it just makes me feel super happy.

Eating lunch with the ward mission leader in his meat shop!
Our investigator L. (who I had been calling and teaching over the phone for about two weeks) finally came back to Santo Domingo and we were able to have a visit in person (10 times better in person). He is very smart when it comes to religion so we got to have a really powerful lesson about the Book of Mormon.  It was one of the times that I felt that I gave a very powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. I have really prayed hard that the Lord would reveal to him the truthfulness of the book.

You guys would just not believe the World Cup hype here in Central America. Every single little business has a TV with the game going and when you`re in the bus they always stop now and again to see what is happening in the game on whatever TV is close. Sometimes when we are in lessons there will be a little roar if someone scores a goal! It is pretty funny!

This week as we were meeting new people and teaching them about the restored gospel I really did my best to invite all of them to attend church with us this Sunday to help them have the best chance to feel the Spirit of Christ`s church. It was really cool to see that people accepted and this week and we were able to attend church with five new people that we met this week! It was really great and it was all because we worked hard to find families and friends of the members here in Santo Domingo. Brandon, who was baptized a couple months ago, brought a lot of his friends and his sister, who isn`t a member. It was a really cool sight and I really felt happy this Sunday seeing the Lord`s help in all our labors.

Enjoying super, super, delicious
POPS ice cream with Elder P. in the plaza.
The Lord really does bless me a lot. I am really enjoying my area and also being with Elder Perdomo my companion. We get along really well and I`ve enjoyed getting to teach him a bit of English.  He is a really great missionary and he helps me not to stress out too much because we enjoy working together to bless the lives of God`s children.

I think that Heavenly Father is so smart to have his children be missionaries because it is just the best thing! I am grateful that the Lord lets me be a special part of his work and I always work to make him proud!


Elder Jensen

A crazy big spider that we ran into.

The infamous rain clouds that come in every afternoon.
Turns out this storm that was coming ruined
Elder P.`s cheap Guatemalan umbrella.

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  1. That's funny to see that stop sign--I never remember seeing one (or any traffic signs for that matter) in Guatemala.