Saturday, July 5, 2014

Platanos and Refried Beans

Making and eating plátanos with refried beans and creme in the house.

Dear Family,

Wow! I felt really, really blessed this week!

This past Saturday the ward told us that there was going to be a little activity for the youth who are going to go to the new seminary class in Santo Domingo and that they wanted us to be there. I was thinking that it would be a tiny little activity but almost all the youth from the whole ward from Las Flores came down and we all went out with missionaries to find new people to teach in Santo Domingo! We all went out to work for about 3 hours and it turns out that we got about 30 new references and 1 of these went to church this past Sunday! It was such a cool activity and everyone in the ward felt a huge energy for missionary work! It really increased my faith a lot to see how many incredible people they found!

One of these references that they found is an older man named M. He just moved to Santo Domingo and he lives in a little group of houses that is pretty separated from town. One of the Elders and the youth ran into him and had a really great lesson where he agreed to go to church this Sunday. We called him and made the arrangements to go and take him to church and he went and really, really liked it!  We visited him that afternoon and he set his own baptism date for the 12th of July! It was a very cool experience and he is such a cool person. The really cool thing is that he is basically the Guatemalan version of Morgan Freeman (the actor), he looks and sounds the same and it kind of made me laugh when I made that connection.

The other super cool blessing that we had this week is that we worked really hard during the week to have a lot of our investigators come to church this Sunday because that is so important for their conversion to the gospel. We worked hard and made plans to bring a big group of investigators. We were so blessed to be able to bring 7 investigators to church this Sunday! I really felt happy for all that came because they all felt the Spirit in church. We are going to work hard so that three of these people can be baptized this Saturday, July 5th.

I guess as a side note, a lot of the people here seem to be a little more cheerful now that Mexico got eliminated from the World Cup. They are neighbors but there is some bad blood there when it comes to soccer. I think I get better updates on the World Cup here than I would in the states.

This week in church one of our investigators named S. came with her son, J. I met Sheni in the bus and it is an evidence of the blessings for opening our mouth and being brave. She struggles just a little to understand all that we teach but she really understands the Lord´s love for her and she really wants to be faithful to him. We really hope that they both can be baptized this Saturday. The other miracle that we have is that L., one of B.´s good friends (recent convert) came to church again and he is just anticipating his baptism day so much. It is really cool to see his great desire to be obedient to the Lord and become clean of his sins.

We have had a couple of very, very powerful lessons lately. I am so grateful for the Book of Mormon in these moments and the powerful testimony that I can give and really promise these people that the Lord with manifest to them the truthfulness of the book if they ask with faith and with a true intention. One of these investigators even figured out for herself that she had to ask the Lord what to do and we are anticipating to see if she has prayed and if she felt an answer.

I am so happy when I get to see the results of a lot of hard work and know that the Lord really does fulfill his promises that he will bless us if we do what he asks.

Elder Jensen

Saying goodbye to Guatemalan zone leader, Elder Flores.

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