Sunday, June 15, 2014

One by One

Dear Family,

It is interesting to see my development as a missionary with each week that passes. I really try my best to be a better servant of the Lord each week.

This past Saturday we got to have a really big baptismal service with 3 wards. We were going to have almost 20 people being baptized but it turned out that we had 10. It was very special and the awesome part was that C.´s sister, J. chose to be baptized this past Saturday as well. It was such a blessing to see her progress in the gospel and how she really has learned to love the gospel. It was very special to see how members of this familiy grew to feel the truthfulness of our message and begin to understand why the Savior wanted them to take this step. It also helped us a lot as C. bore his testimony to his own family! There are 8 kids in the family and we are getting to know and teach almost all of them. This Sunday the mom, O., came along with C., J., and two younger brothers who also want to be baptized soon (Co. and R.). We hope to meet the dad soon.  I can´t imagine how wonderful it would be to see that whole entire family going to the temple to be sealed!

On Sunday we had a cool experience with some of the ward members. After church about 7 or 8 young men and 5 or 6 of the Ward Leaders came down to visit with us in Santo Domingo. It looked so cool as we went to visit. I felt like I was part of the Mormon Battalion like in the pioneer days of the church!

We have been teaching a very prepared investigator named L. who is about 50 years old. This whole week he had to travel far to take care of corn but I called him each day of the week to help him to keep praying and feeling the spirit and this Sunday he made the hour and a half trip to the chapel to be able to attend church! All by himself! I felt that the Lord really is working with him.

I really feel so so blessed to be on the Lord´s errand 24/7. It is so cool to part of a work that is led by the Lord. I am grateful that my Heavenly Father always picks me up when I feel sad and gives me the encouragement I need to keep on serving with all my heart!


Elder Jensen

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