Sunday, June 29, 2014


A little path that had the famous plant walls.
This one was really long so it felt cool to walk it

Dear Family,

I had a couple of experiences this week that made me get really excited! One thing that happened is that as we were asking a bunch of people for references and new people that we could teach, we were led to a tiny little path or Cayejon as we say here in Guatemala.  We went down the path when we started to notice that there were a ton of houses and eventually a paved road! We explored a little and we found a whole new part of the area and also we found the river and a whole ton of cool stuff! It was a pretty fun experience that made me kind of exited again!

The day that we found this new part of our area I had been studying a lot about lending service and just really desiring to serve these people. As we walked around a little in this new area I really had a desire to serve somebody when I saw an older man struggling to saw some wood all by himself. I jumped right on that chance and we got to saw some wood with him and after talk to him about what makes us different from the so many churches here. It was really an answer to my prayer and I know that the Lord knew the desire that I had to serve. I will try to keep with this mindset and see what other chances the Lord gives us!
The Mazate Las Flores zone at President´s house

For our preparation day to day we were invited to the mission housie by President Ruiz and it really was a great way to spend the day. Not to mention that that house is so amazing inside! 

So I found out not too long ago that my companion Elder M. who I got to train for a week had to return home to Mexico. I felt a little sad for him because he really had a big desire to serve the Lord but his knees just wouldn't let him. I know that the Lord will use his talents to bless s o many people and that he will be a light for all who know him!

I notice more and more each day the love that I have for the members with whom I am serving.  We really grow so much together and we get to have great spiritual experiences together as we work shoulder to shoulder in the work of salvation. I am grateful each day to be able to meet such amazing people who have so much to give in the kingdom of the Lord here on the earth. 

We are still working hard with Hermano L. who is still working pretty far away but we have continued to call him almost daily and practically teach him over the phone which has been pretty interesting and cool I guess. He is reading the Book of Mormon really faithfully and I really think that he has been feeling the sprit strongly. He didn`t make it to church this Sunday but I have been praying a lot for him. Also C.`s brothers are progressing a lot as well and I think for the other Saturday they will be able to join their brother and sister in making the decision to be baptized. How blessed I am to meet these amazing people!

I can´t  describe how cool it is to see the Lord changing my weaknesses and how each week I become stronger and stronger in the things that have always been hard for me. I know that the Lord loves his missionaries and really takes care of us!

Elder Jensen

The bus terminal in Mazate

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