Sunday, June 1, 2014

Companero de El Salvador

Park in Santo Domingo

Dear Family,

It sounds like I shouldn´t be complaining about all the rain too much with all that crazy flooding back home! I guess some stray Guatemalan Rain clouds wandered their way to Ohio!

Well, no surprise that things keep on changing around here. It turns out that on Monday Elder M.'s knees only got worse and worse and he was having trouble walking. We actually had to carry him around a little bit which was pretty fun to be honest (I should have gotten a picture). He had a talk with the nurses and he decided he needed to go to Reu to see a doctor. I hope that everything can go well for him and I guess we will see what the future holds for Elder M. I really am so grateful that I could be his companion because it really did help me learn to love the Lord's children no matter what their problems or weaknesses are and that as we serve the Lord's children, we really feel happy!

On Tuesday morning the assistants came in their truck and brought my new companion from Tecun Uman. His name is Elder P.! He is from El Salvador and he is a really fun guy! We already had a really fun time taking on a mini ¨Cucaracha¨ army in the house (cockroaches). Don´t worry, we won. Anyway, he has a lot of energy and has 4 months in the mission. He also speaks really, really fast but it is fun to try to speed up the Spanish part of my brain!
My new companion, Elder P. from El Salvador.

We had a really really awesome conference with our new area president, Elder Duncan. He came to Reu and taught us a bunch of really awesome stuff. I really felt like I learned a ton about how to be a more effective missionary. Sometimes I forget how special this time is that the Lord has given us. I learned a lot of really cool ways to use this time better and be able to share this gospel with even more of the God´s children. He also helped us see our potential and how we can reach it. He taught us that in the mission and in our areas we must have various visions of how we want things to be. He actually said that all of our areas can be stakes one day. I really believe that is true and I won´t be surprised if in a few years not too far that Santo Domingo will have a stake. He taught us how to achieve our visions by setting goals and plans. It was really really cool and the Spirit taught me a lot!

This weekend we will have our Stake Conference in Mazatenango. The cool plan we have is that since we won´t be able to have baptism´s this Saturday, all the possibilities will be moved to the next Saturday. We have plans to have a mega baptism service (¨megasplash¨) in all the zone! The crazy goal we have is to have a ton of miracles there and have a story or picture in the Ensign! We will just have to see.

We are really seeing some cool things as we have worked hard with the members and new converts in Santo Domingo. C., the investigator friend that was baptized by his friend, asked us to visit his family. We had never gone to his house because it is pretty far but one morning we went in a tuc tuc with C. (miembro) to meet his family. We got to meet them and we had an incredible lesson where his mom and sister said they want to be baptized. The mom is O. and his sister is J. They actually both came to church yesterday and on Tuesday we hope to meet the whole family and be able to share the restored gospel with them. The really awesome thing is that C. got interested in the gospel because he loves his family and now his family has the opportunity to accept the gospel as well and really feel the healing power of Christ´s atonement!

Sometimes it´s hard to describe really how amazing it is to be a missionary! I just hope that I will be able to thank the Lord for this experience by helping even more and more people come unto him and find the happiness that Heavenly Father wants to give them!


Elder Jensen

My awesome package from some family friends.
Thanks guys!

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