Sunday, June 8, 2014

Corn, Pizza Hut, and a Tenor Sax

Enjoying the awesome smell of corn!  It reminds me of home!

Dear Family,

I think that I get to love and understand missionary work better each week that the Lord gives me in his service. I also find a lot of things I can improve but that is when I get to see the miracles and the help of the Lord as I get better each day.

This past weekend we had our Stake Conference in Mazate. It was a really great experience because Elder Valledares came and gave some great messages. The Saturday session for adults was really cool because he made it an open discussion talking about the Work of Salvation and he showed some really great videos to help us understand how we can work better with the members and the leaders in the ward. I really felt a greater desire to reach out a lot more to the members and really help them understand the importance of the Work of Salvation and get them involved the most I can. I hope the Lord can help me and I can be brave as I work to help the members here experience the joy of sharing the gospel.

A tenor sax in Guatemala!
As we were looking for a reference this week I passed a house where someone was playing an acoustic guitar and they were playing some of my favorite songs. We stopped to talk to him and he came out with his guitar and played some great songs for us including some Coldplay songs and also some songs from Guatemalan Bands (which are actually really cool). We talked a little and found out that he was pretty interested in the gospel. When we went back later in the week we met the drummer of his band and they played some more songs for us and we got the chance to teach the two of them. We had a great lesson because they didn´t know that much about Jesus Christ (which is super rare for Guatemala) and they felt the Spirit as we taught. The cool thing was that the dad came in after the lesson and talked a little with us and told us that he plays the Tenor Saxophone. I got excited and told him that I played too and he actually brought his Tenor Sax and let me play a little bit! It was super fun and I had to get a picture because probably won´t happen again! I think us missionaries pretty much run into about everything.

C.´s family has been coming along really nicely. We had a really good lesson about why the Church of Jesus Christ is different and why it is so important that we can find all the ordinances and covenants of salvation there. We hope to have more spiritual experiences with them and really do our best to bring the Spirit to their home and help this family be part of the gospel and see a wonderful change in their home. I am just so grateful for C.´s member friend who had the courage to introduce his friend to the gospel and now there is a chance that a whole family´s life could be changed! That is a huge testimony for me about the simple things we can do to introduce our friends to the gospel and the Spirit that they and their family will feel!

We will be praying hard for miracles this week and doing our best to have the Lord´s help as he guides us to his prepared children and as we help his children make covenants with him this week! Thank you always for the great encouragement and prayers!


Elder Jensen

¨La plaza¨ in Mazate where all the great restaurants are
(Subway and Pizza Hut are my favorites).

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