Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mi Hijo!

Elder M.! He is super awesome!
He is called "mi hijo" or my son because he is a
brand new missionary and I get to show him the ropes.

I really loved my time with Elder B.

Dear Family,

Wow! This week probably has to be one of the most memorable weeks of my mission. So many things have happened I can´t believe it was only seven days!

This week my companion Elder B. finished his mission. He really had given so much to the mission that he felt a little bit scared about the normal life.  But we had great times talking about life and how awesome his life will be. The big highlight however, was that I am now training a new missionary! Elder M. is ¨mi hijo¨as we say in the mission or ¨my son! ¨ I was super happy to get the chance to train a new missionary and especially to be with Elder M.! He is from Mexico City, Mexico and we have really got along super well! I really like being around new missionaries because they have so much energy! We have really seen some great miracles together. 

Another amazing thing that I have seen is that the Lord really is helping me become an even better missionary and an even more effective tool in his hands. As I have made my way through the mission all my skills have been improving. This week the Lord really helped me a lot in being able to just really love talking to people and becoming a really outgoing missionary! I have been able to have more confidence with everyone and I am starting to love every single person here so much more! It is so, so cool to see the Lord using me to my potential and helping me even increase it! I am also learning a lot about listening to the Spirit about where to go and what to do in every moment of the day. It is incredible how many prepared people the Lord puts in our path and how many times we are in the perfect place in the perfect moment!

I have also seen that the Lord really prepares amazing people to receive the restored gospel. A few weeks ago an awesome young member in the ward named C. brought his friend to church. We got to meet him and had the chance to teach him. I can´t tell you how prepared C.´s friend was! We began to teach him about Jesus Christ and how the Savior can help him be clean of his sins and really become worthy of eternal life. The spirit was very strong and C’s friend recognized that because in the first lesson with him he accepted a baptismal date and since then it has been so cool to see his progress and the help of his member friend. This past Saturday he was baptized! I felt so blessed by the Lord and I know that both of them will be blessed as well. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to meet such amazing member of Christ´s church and see their incredible testimonies and their desire to share the gospel with everyone!
C. getting ready to bapitze his friend.

The rain here is a litte bit ridiculous some times. The streets literally turn into rivers! I think if I wanted to I could make my way around town just fine if I had a little raft and I rode the rivers on the streets! I am just glad to have some nice boots

I have been praying a lot to be able have opportunities to learn to have Christ-like love and charity. This week I sure got an answer to that prayer. Elder M. has started to have some bad problems with his knees and it hasn´t been easy for him. It is such an amazing experience to be able to be companions with him and be there with him in all his times of trial and difficulty. It makes me think about my baptism covenant that is found in Mosiah 18. I have felt the Spirit so strong as I do my best to comfort others in their hard times. We´ll just see what else is in store and what my next awesome experiences will be!


Elder Jensen

A noche de cine that we did at the chapel.
We had to keep taking out chairs because so many people came!

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