Monday, September 28, 2015


Dear Family,

Wow, in just a few weeks I will be hitting the exact 2 year mark of my mission! I will definitely have to burn a shirt or something because most US missionaries don´t get to make it to the same date they left (because of how the changes work). It has gone way too fast!!

Well, this week started kind of weird because I didn't get to be in my own area until Thursday. On Monday we had a leaders’ council in Reu where we made some plans for how our mission can bring the most new families to the General Conference. Sadly the room where my companion and I stayed in the hotel had not fans or anything but I think my body is now in super hot coast mode because I had no problems. On Tuesday I went to work in another area of the zone since I had return to Reu in the night to be able to go with my CCM group to the temple the next day. The temple trip on Wednesday was super awesome and I was able to commit to the Lord that I am going to give him all I’ve got in these next few weeks! I felt really good after and I am ready to give it my all. 

This is my CCM group 2 years ago.

I think one of the coolest things this week had been to see the progression of the P. Family (L. and A. and their 5 kids). There really is a light in their faces every time we come and as they learn more and more about the gospel. One thing I have also enjoyed is to see the value the family has for the Book of Mormon. They always handle it with care and love reading new things between each visit. They also started inviting us to visit and teach their family members that live close by and we have gotten to meet some other really cool families as well! I think that really is the best way to share the gospel.

There was also another unforgettable experience this week. My companion and I have been teaching a family where the husband was baptized about a year and a half ago (I actually happened to be in that baptismal service never imagining that I would be teaching him and his wife someday) and his wife never chose to be baptized.  One of the members of the church who lives close by, took it upon himself to go give them a visit without us knowing about it. Well, to our surprise, about halfway through the sacrament meeting, who walked in? H. and E. with their family! It was a miracle and a huge testimony to me that the members of the church can almost always help people feel comfortable coming to church than the missionaries can. It was an awesome experience and a good lesson for the future.

Well, next week we will know if I will continue in San Felipe or have a new assignment but all I know is that these will be the hardest working weeks of my mission!

Love you all,

Elder Jensen

Playing a game called ´signs´with the zone.

 What our house looked like this after we finally found and killed the rat.

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i would eventually fall in this river.

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