Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Happy Independence Day Guatemala!

Dear Family,

Another week has just disappeared out of nowhere! It is like the Japanese candy I got to eat this week that just dissolves instantly!

I enjoyed my last Guatemalan Independence day with a fun activity in the ward with a ton of fun cultural presentations (dances, songs, food) and we the missionaries got to act out some good jokes for all the members that they all enjoyed. One of them involved 3 crazy people that find a car in the desert. After being days lost in the desert they wonder how the car could help them. One crazy person takes a seat to sit when he’s tired, the other takes the radiator to drink when he’s thirsty, and the last takes the door. ¨Why the door?” they ask him, “To roll down the windows when I´m hot!” We got some good laughs for that one.
A guy helping us get the flag to the pole on the 15th.

Another big highlight of the week was that W. and A. (2 cousins that we had been teaching) were baptized this weekend. It was super fun because their mom came and also brought some more family members who we hope to start teaching. Also we got to do the baptism with 2 other areas in the zone that had baptisms so that was cool as well. It is amazing what can happen when the members of the church speak up to the missionaries and ask them to visit their friends and neighbors! 

We also go the chance to visit Xetulul as a mission (the amusement park). Something new we did was go see a super cool presentation they did in the park of 2 spacemen that get lost in space. Part of the show was a group or 5 or 6 dancers that danced in the pitch black dark with LED lights on them and they did some awesome stuff that made it look like they were flying through the air or walking up the walls. These Guatemalans are talented!

The San Felipe Zone

Check out the flag on my sleeve.

Classic Guatemalan Expression

Another great highlight of the week was on Monday. A few hours after I had finished writing on Monday we went out to work in the afternoon (since Friday we were going to go to xetulul). Well, I was on divisions with a brand new Elder from Arizona who is working hard to learn the language and has a lot of faith and works hard. We both left the house with a super positive attitude that we were going to find an awesome family to teach. Well, the Lord blessed us for our great attitude that day and we met a new family named the P. Family. The dad is L. and the mom A. They have 7 kids. We had a wonderful lesson with them and learned that the dad (who works in the amusement park) is about to have his work schedule changed to rest on Sundays! (after years of having to work Sundays). This is no coincidence! I continue to be amazed that the Lord trusts us to find such special families to teach. They even invited us to eat lunch with them during the week and we are going to go again this week! They will be attending church this next week and I am so excited to continue seeing their progress in the gospel.

I am so grateful that the Lord can trust in my companion and I to teach these chosen people the gospel. I strive to always be worthy of that trust and find more and more prepared people each day!


Elder Jensen

We went back to the same lake place that we went on one of my fist p days and it rained in the morning!

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