Monday, September 14, 2015


Eating a fun fruit called ´Rambutan´ or ´Licha´

Dear Family,

Once you really start to put your heart into an area and work to find prepared people you just want to stay there for a good while. My companion and I have really been blessed lately with some great people to teach and I hope to see as much of their conversion as I can.

One of the coolest experiences of the week was with L. (the mom of a sister missionary in the field whose husband is also a member). She has really softened her heart after seeing her daughter go on a mission. We had the chance to kneel down with her this week and listen to her ask Heavenly Father if she needed to be baptized in the church. As we prayed I felt something so special and after she finished her prayer she remained kneeling for a few minutes in silence just pondering and after we finished she explained the peace that had come into her mind. She hasn't yet accepted a date to be baptized but she is feeling the spirit and we know it won´t be long before she makes the decision.

We've also been helping a less active family in our area to get excited to go back to church and part of that is that they've given us a lot of people that we can teach. Some of the friends of the sons of this family have been coming to church. Their names are A. and W. They are super awesome and even wore their white shirts to church this past Sunday. We are helping them get ready for baptism and hope that it all goes well for them to be baptized this Saturday!

The famous old ward mission leader who says funny quotes.

 One of the things that I have always noticed that when we eat in the homes of the members they never get tired of saying things like this- ¨Eat elders! Eat! ¨ ¨Elders there is plenty of tortilla, eat tortilla! ¨ ¨Elders, eat slow, eat calmly! ¨ ¨Do you want more elders! ¨ It just makes me laugh every time.

Sometimes on the bus rides it gets tricky to get the money out of your pockets to pay the bus fee. Well my companion took advantage of a short stop to hop off the bus and get his money out but when he looked back the bus had started leaving him behind and I was still on it! He tried grabbing on the back but slipped right off! It took some yelling “Stop the bus!” rom me to finally get it to stop so that my companion could hop back on! We had a good laugh about it after. 

One cool thing we did this week with the zone was teach them a little bit about how important it is for us to personally repent of our mistakes as missionaries and feel the healing power of the Atonement first, so that we can give more and work harder and teach better as missionaries. What we did is invite all the companionships to go do a prayer ´Joseph Smith style´ in their areas (in a forest). It ended up helping a lot and I enjoyed praying in a pretty spot we found with a small river and some trees and after I had prayed for a few minutes and committed to work harder to the Lord I felt a lot better and a lot of the missionaries as well!
This is where we did our Joseph Smith prayer, it was an awesome experience?

I am so grateful for the chance I have to be here in this part of the Lord´s vineyard. I am learning so so much and hope to apply the things I am learning throughout my whole life in the Lord´s service!


Elder Jensen

On divisions in a place called Nuevo Palmar.

An elder in the office had his feet go numb.

My comp being silly with some pliers.

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