Monday, September 7, 2015

Keep moving forward.

Dear Family,

To my disappointment I got to the internet today and realized that I haven´t taken any pictures this week! I guess when there is so much stuff going on taking pictures just kind of slips the mind. Oh well, hopefully this awesome email makes up for it.

We had a super enjoyable week since the excitement of the ward has gone up to do missionary work. We had a cool meeting with the bishop and some of the hard working members of the ward to get the work rolling in our ward and the members have really responded well. That makes our lives so much easier and so many more people getting interested in the gospel.

One of my favorite things about this is that we have a new mission leader named S. He is about 70 years old and he is a hoot! He is so funny! He took us out in his truck one morning to go and meet all of the investigators that we are teaching.

Despite him being a bit crazy he really loves the people that we visit (giving them hugs and everything) and after his visits many people were now willing to come to church with us on Sunday and learn more. It was too fun!

One cool thing that we implemented in the zone this week was that on Tuesday we mixed up all the companionships, so that the missionaries could get to know their companions of the zone and also get to give some new ideas and excitement to other areas. It was super successful and many of the areas that weren´t able to get people to come to church on Sunday had lots of new people present in church. Also we are getting a lot of people ready for baptism the 19th of September so that we can have a big baptismal service as a zone that day. We just have to keep praying and working hard and making miracles happen!

This week as we were trying to figure out how to find more interested people we saw a paper that talked about a family where the husband was a member of the church and some of the kids but the wife hadn´t decided to join the church yet. Well, we found ourselves in their house and the wife (L.) was super excited to see missionaries again. I guess the missionaries hadn’t visited for over 5 or 6 months and we immediately saw something special in her. She had stopped going to her other church and was excited since her daughter had just left on her mission to El Salvador several months back. Well, after some really awesome visits this week she came to church with her husband despite the fact that the Guatemalan elections took place Sunday. We are so excited to keep teaching her!

I am excited for the next week and hope that our plans can go well and we continue seeing miracles!


Elder Jensen

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