Monday, October 5, 2015

The Final Transfer

The 2 new elders that I was on divisions with a ton,
(I guess i could be considered their dad since I don´t have ´sons´in the mission)
Elder Adams from Arizona and Elder Sanchez from Honduras.


My new companion is from Hawaii so I am trying to get into the culture. Well, you guessed it, I got changed this week. I am back in the office as the assistant to president helping take care of the mission! It has been an adjustment but at least I already had the experience and I have loved getting to know and be with my new comp, Elder Kanahele, he is super awesome.
Saying goodbye to a cool member family.
Despite the fact I was only a short time in San Felipe I really grew to love a lot of the people and families that I had gotten to teach. I am so glad I got that chance to be there and learn. This week I got to remember how ´fun´ it is to travel on the buses again. We actually got to sit right behind this super fun baby who was about 2 years old. By the end of the ride on the bus we were able to get him dancing to the music on the bus so we got a kick out of that.

One of the harder parts of the week was seeing the group of missionaries that I started with leave. It has been so fun to serve with them until this point and grow together. But then again, I feel there is a little more for me to give in the coming weeks. During the good-bye meal with them L. (president´s granddaughter) decided to turn into a zombie and was trying to bite me in the leg. She failed but later got revenge when she bit me on the shoulder. That was pretty silly.

My favorite part of the week was getting to return to visit Mazate. The zone was having some struggles so we got to go visit and work with them. The fun part was that I was able to eat lunch with A. (who was baptized in April) and his family and also get to see a few other converts there in the center and many of them are going strong in the church.

 I was sad to see M. (who was baptized in June) very sick in his bed. When he was baptized he just had a jump in his step and so excited to be a new member of the church but he has gotten very sick but I know he will get better and back to church soon. It is hard to express how much I have gotten to love these people I was able to teach and to see them change their lives.

I love asking questions to older Guatemalan people. In Mazate I was able to go help some missionaries with an older investigator that they were teaching. After talking to him I was pretty surprised by how young he looked and how old he really was. I asked how he managed to look so young and healthy. He gave me an unexpected answer, ¨Don´t drink cold things¨. I was astonished, I have no idea how science backs up this amazing piece of advice but maybe I better try it!

There was a point this week that we were in the office waiting on President to arrive to meet with him. We got a little board and started throwing up skittles in the air and catching them in our mouth. My companion got pretty creative and managed to do an amazing trick shot that I just can´t get over. With his back to the wall (sitting down in an office rolling chair) he threw the skittle behind his back bouncing it off the wall and then off the ceiling and right into his mouth! It was insane!

Well, it has been a great week and I hope to have some fun adventures for you all next week. I am just so glad to continue on the Lord´s errand and find joy and make eternal friends along the way!

Elder Jensen

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