Monday, May 25, 2015


J. from Santo Domingo (B.´s dad) and
Elder Peterson who was my replacement there.

Dear Family,

With all the rain coming in I have started to get creative. My boots aren´t as strong as they were last rain season so there has been a little leak. Well, I found a solution, plastic grocery bags! I just put them right over my socks and bam! dry feet! It looks kind of silly but it has worked pretty well. Luckily I don´t have to do it often.

Last Monday after all the preparation day activities had finished we went to visit one of the recent converts (O.). To our surprise she had a friend over and as we got to know her friend we realized that this was an investigator of one of the other areas in the zone and that she was preparing to be baptized this Saturday. She had a lot of doubts and we were able to help her with some scriptures and she ended up being baptized this Saturday. What are the chances of that? The Lord really knows His work. It was funny because at the end she jokingly asked us if she needed to show up to the baptism in a bikini, silly old Guatemalan ladies.

We also had an almost near death experience this week (ok that is an exaggeration but it was intense). Our ward mission leader asked us to help him move his new fridge up the stairs. We imagined it being a piece of cake but then we realized that he needed it on the 3rd floor and that his staircase had some tight corners. It took us almost an hour to get that thing up there and a good amount of sweat and we took out some good chunks of the walls and ceilings. It was exciting and scary at the same time but we got it up to the top! Let´s just say I should have worn service clothes to that because my shirt was brown by the end of that.

We also had some spiritual highs this week. I. was baptized on Saturday and she really was so happy to finally take this step in her life despite the opposition she faced with her family. Her testimony of the church and of the Book of Mormon are amazing and she will be someone who will endure to the end. 

Also we had an awesome moment with another recent convert named Z. She told us that she had been talking a lot to her niece about the church and that she was super interested. Right in that moment without hesitating Z. took us right to the house of her niece and we were able to teach the whole family about the church and they attended Sunday and now have a date to be baptized! I am so grateful for people like Z. that are so willing and excited to bring souls to Christ!

I have heard such silly comments this week from little kids. First we were visiting with I. and her daughter (M.) was behaving good and we asked her if she had been good all day and she said ´of course I have' but later added ´but, tomorrow I am going to behave so so bad.´ She is so silly. One other kid we saw noticed the difference of height between me and my companion and asked ´you are a lot taller because they stretched you out, huh?´ I have no idea where he got the idea that I had been stretched out but I guess they never stretched out my companion.

I am so glad to be able to work my hardest! It´s tiring work (so tiring that I fell asleep on the bus and found that I had drooled all over my tie, embarrassing) but I love it all the same! VIVA MAZATE!

Elder Jensen

Zone Pancake Party

Our area!

On our way to the zip line.

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