Friday, June 19, 2015

Elder Ochua visits

Saying goodbye to the district leaders (they both left

Dear Family,

I didn´t have changes! Looks like I will be here a few more months since my companion is finishing his mission in the beginning of July. Woohoo!

The day we found out about changes we actully hadn´t been able to find a member to eat with so we went ahead and bought some Little Ceaser´s pizza (just 40 quetz, and it is in our area). Well I wanted to have a little soda as well so I bought a tiny bottle of 7up and put it in my pocket as we walked back to the house to eat. Well, I totally forgot about it and it turns out I had to run super fast to cross a street and without noticing I was shaking up that little bottle of soda. When we sat down and started eating I began to open up that 7up and to my surprise there was soda flying in all directions and getting all over my desk! I starting running around like a mad man with the soda in the air still shooting in all directions. It was quite the mess but my companion and I had a huge laugh about that! Now I know to never put those little bottles in my pocket.

We had a super awesome stake conference this past weekend. We were visited by Elder Adrian Ochoa from the Seventy and that helped us get a lot of people excited to come and attend the conference. On the meeting Saturday Elder Ochoa was talking about the reasons why we sometimes don´t share the gospel with other people and then saw that seated with my companion and I was an investigator we had brought named E. He asked E. and us to stand up and he felt the impression that E. had come to church by an invitation of a member and it was true. The week before a member had presented us to E. and his family. It was so cool because Elder Ochoa spoke individually to E. during the whole conference and after the meeting E. had the chance to go and talk with Elder Ochoa. It was unreal! On Sunday E.´s wife, S. came and also his 2 sons. We are so excitied for this next month because this Saturday K. is going to be baptized (a youth that has been attended church with us for the past few weeks) and also Ingrid (that lost her daughter to an accident 5 years ago) came to the conference and is preparing the be baptized with her 2 kids for the 13th of June. E. and his family are preparing for the 20th of this month. We have to give all the credit to The Lord because he prepared all these people! All we had to do was be diligent in search for them and listen to the Spirit.

My companion who played professional soccer before the mission in Honduras has got me on a new habit. What we always do as we walk from visit to visit is we try to kick rocks though the legs of the other as we move. I have actually gotten a lot better and have got some good goals on him. There is always a ton of trash on the street so I have gotten some bottles and other things through his legs as well.

We have a lot of new missionaries right now in our zone. They are fresh out of the MTC and it is super fun to see the excitement they have to start working. The hard part is that a lot of them bring a super different slang form of Spanish from their countries. I got to work a few hours with a new Mexican Elder and I was amazed that he didn´t understand a lot of the Guatemalan phrases I was telling him and some of the things he was telling me I had never heard either! Who knew that Spanish changes so much from one country to another!

I am so glad to be working my hardest and seeing the blessings each day. I just love the people
in this awesome country. They love us so much that sometimes we have to eat lunch twice (like on Sunday, I was about to explode) because they just want to give! It is so awesome! 


Elder Jensen

Mazate Lincoln zone-May 2015

This house says ´no tocar´or in engish ´don´t knock the door´.
The funny thing is the guy that answered ended up coming to the stake conference this week!

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