Wednesday, May 6, 2015


A group of missionaries walking through
my old area near the mission office.

Dear Family,

It is so fun to see the excitement of the new members of the church!

Yesterday in our church meeting we really got to see the new members work miracles. O., who was baptized a few weeks ago, has just loved learning all about the restored gospel. We stopped by to visit her this week and she had a friend visiting her and right when we showed up she started telling her friend how much the church meant to her and how much she has loved attending and learning more about it. She was pretty persistent in inviting her friend and on Sunday she not only brought her friend but more family members and she just radiated happiness during all of the meetings. It was so cool!

Also a family that we have helped return to the church invited their cousin, I., to start visiting with us. Since the first visit we have felt that the Lord has prepared her to receive the gospel because she has been so faithful in reading her Book of Mormon and she set her baptism date for the 23rd of this month and on Sunday she was commenting in the class for new members and visitors and I know that she can feel the Spirit each time she visits with us. This just shows that the Lord really is the one who does it all!

The amazing family that I talked about last week (L. and F.) both attended church on Sunday as well as many other surprise people that attended as well. I felt so grateful for the sacrifices of this family because L. left his work to be able to attend and F. had to walk a good distance which is really hard for her. L. and F. were married today and this Saturday L. will be baptized! (it turned out that F. is already a member of the church).

Marriage of L. and F.

I think that if I could have one super power it would be the power to be able to eat any food off the street here in Guatemala and not get sick. There are some amazing foods that are sold on the street but I just can´t take the risk of eating them even though I want to so bad. Although I did kind of give into temptation and I ate some delicious churros this week which were covered in chocolate, and I didn´t get sick! 

Trying to decide if I should risk my health to eat some delicious churros.

My companion and I discovered that a lot of the time here in our area we aren´t just looking for people to teach, but we are looking for houses where people live, because there are so many businesses! We actually get super excited when we find some hidden part of our area with apartments our houses! I actually feel strange when I go to other areas where it is just houses because I feel kind of empty without all of the businesses and traffic noise. But somehow we continue to be lead to prepared people!

Some views of Mazate

I just feel so happy to be working as a missionary and getting to be with a lot of awesome missionaries here in Mazate and learn from them and have fun together as well! This work is amazing!

Elder Jensen

Guatemalan Boy Scouts (first time ever seeing this!)

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