Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Waiting For Us

Is anyone home?

Dear Family,

This past week was loaded with spiritual experiences! Where do I begin?

Earlier in the week my companion and I were a little unsure where we could go to find new people to teach because we started to feel like there weren´t any more houses to visit. But then I vividly remembered a little street I had seen weeks before that had a good amount of houses. We went and one of the first doors we knocked a middle aged lady came out with some tears in her eyes. We began to talk with her and could quickly discern that she has been searching for more meaning in her life. She shared with us the loss of a daughter.  We felt the strongest impression to talk about God´s plan for us and explain exactly where her daughter´s spirit was. The most powerful moment was when I. read these words from the Book of Mormon - 

“And then shall it come to pass, that the spirits of those who are righteous are received into a state of happiness,which is called paradise, a state of rest, a state of peace,where they shall rest from all their troubles and from all care, and sorrow. - Alma 40:12

Tears flooded to her eyes when she realized that her daughter was not lost and that she was indeed in a safe and wonderful place.

Ingrid later explained that her husband was angry with God for taking away his daughter and that for that reason he hadn´t accepted anyone from any church. Well, when we came back the next day we met him and he openly received and listened to us and even told us that he had felt the Spirit as we taught. I. and their 2 children came to church with us on Sunday and B. would have come but he had to go to Guate (he will come next Sunday he told us). I. even told us that she had been waiting years for us to show up. It was an incredible experience to teach this family and I am so excited to continue visiting them and teaching them the gospel. 

We had a funny moment with one of the members here that has just starting coming back to church. We sat down to visit with him and then we realized that a bird had just pooped all over my companions backpack. The member then made a super witty comment, ´you should be so grateful that elephants don´t fly´. We had super good laugh about that.

It is amazing how much Guatemalans love the soccer teams that are all the way on the other side of the world. There is a huge division between the Real Madrid fans and the Barcelona fans and to observe people as they watch the games is a show in itself. We watched one man scream and jump around each time the other team even got close to the goal and just yell ´it smells like a goal it smells like a goal´. These people are fanatics!
Suchi in a big game in the soccer stadium.
Ir. who has been preparing for her baptism this Saturday had an amazing moment this week. My companion had told her to run her finger through the pages of the Book of Mormon and just stop on a random page and then apply the first scripture she found to her day. Well, I guess she was having some doubts about baptism but she decided to flip to a random page and she read a passage about the importance and blessings of baptism! It is a miracle and she is as sure as ever. She even told us in the last visit that the Spirit she has felt in the church and as we meet has really changed her life and she has such a strong testimony. Her daughter is so silly though.  She kept asking us why we didn´t have girl hair, the only answer I had for her was that we are boys! She still didn´t understand though.

I am just in love with Guatemala. God has prepared so many hearts here to receive the gospel and what an amazing experience to find those prepared souls!

Elder Jensen

Part of our area.

A mariachi band walking in the street.

I got a hole in my pants from a sneaky spring in a sofa.

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