Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ellos dijeron que sí!

Baptism of A.

Dear Family,

Elder Gavarrete and I have just had a great time together. We have also had some very spiritual experiences that have just grown our testimonies so, so much! During this past week we were working hard during the morning to find new people to teach. It was super hot and we both had wet shirts from our sweat. It was almost time to go to lunch but we both decided to work a little bit more until the last moment. My companion suggested we try to contact at the very edge of our area limit. We went and came across an older lady who we just invited to church at her door. She said her name was F. and she accepted right away the invitation to come and visit church on Sunday. She said it is hard for her to walk but she was going to make it Sunday.

On Sunday we were both so surprised when we saw F. making her way slowly up the stairs of the church! It turns out that she actually had some good friends there in the ward and she had a wonderful experience. We felt impressed to go and visit her later on Sunday and invite her to prepare for baptism for the 9th of May. Well, we went and taught powerfully with the Spirit and right in that moment she even set the time of day she wanted to be baptized! It was so incredible! But even more incredible, she told us that she wasn´t married yet with her current husband. We explained that we could help and that there was a member of the ward that is a lawyer that would do the marriage. Well right as we were talking about that her husband entered the house from work. His name is L. C. We got to meet him a little bit and then boldly invited him to be married and baptized with his wife and he accepted! He even is going to change his work schedule to not work on Sundays so he and his wife can be faithful members together!

This family is so special to me and as we left their home I remembered a scripture from Alma:

“Therefore, blessed are they who humble themselves without being compelled to be humble; or rather, in other words, blessed is he that believeth in the word of God, and is baptized without stubbornness of heart, yea, without being brought to know the word, or even compelled to know, before they will believe.” - Alma 32:16

Well, that was definitely my spiritual high moment of the week. We are also excited for E. and P. which is another family that I have gotten to teach since I got to Mazate and right now they are finishing their puzzle that we made for them so that they can me baptized the 2nd of May (this Saturday)! We will pray hard for them and continue to visit them with more families in the ward!
I have become a fanatic of this amazing blue dust that we have found in the book stores. The baptismal font in our chapel always spits out green water and it looks really bad. Well, we discovered this blue dust that you can throw in the water and it changes to blue! We had always used a light blue colored but I wanted to get creative this week and use a really really blue shade. It sure worked and the water was so blue but so were my arms and my shirt! Oops! I think next time we will stick with the light blue because I looked a little bit like a smurf that day as we filled up the font.

Baptism of A.

I had a fun time giving an inspirational message to the zone this week. I had a DVD made of the scene from “Facing the Giants” (a football movie). It is the ´Death Crawl´ scene from that movie and it is super inspirational. I showed it to the missionaries and applied it to the work, that we need to give everything to the Lord in these short 2 years and that even though we think we might not be able to achieve a lot we really can work miracles if we give our all! Some Elders even did some push-ups which was fun.

I am so glad to be on the Lord´s errand and helping him touch the hearts of his children! There are thousands of people waiting for us, F. and L. C. are just a small example of that. I am excited to go and find more of these prepared souls!


Elder Jensen

Apartments we discovered in our area.

Suchi stadium

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