Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I was asked me to go to Cuyotenango to translate in the fire station for some gringos from Kansas City.

Dear Family,

I don´t know how I can type out everything that happened this week but I am going to try to capture it as best I can!

Well, I got a call at the beginning of the week from the Mazate stake president saying that there was a group of people from Kansas City in Cuyotenango that needed a translator to get a water purification system installed in the fire station. I got the chance to go and help translate so that they could train the Guatemalan firefighters how to use it and get everything installed. It was a little strange because I haven´t tried to speak really formal English for a while and I kept forgetting words in English when I was talking to them but it was a cool experience. Some of the women who were there who are moms kind of flipped out when I explained what I do as a missionary and how long I have been here in Guatemala. It was pretty entertaining to see all their reactions.
Elder Jolley and I saying goodbye, emergency changes again.
I think the craziest part of the week was when we found out that same night that Elder Jolley had emergency changes! I think we have the strangest companionship story.  We were companions a year ago but only for 2 weeks because they took me out in emergency changes and then we became companions again for a second time and just 3 weeks together and then they took him out in emergency changes. How strange?! Now I am with Elder Gavarrete. He is my 3rd Honduran companion and I am excited to get my Spanish back to top notch (after about 6 months with gringo comps). He is super excited to work hard and help elevate our zone here in Mazate. He has 21 months and wants to finish super strong! Before the mission he played in the professional league of soccer in Honduras so he is more than good at soccer. We are going to have a blast as companions!
Elder Gavarrete and I on the way to San Fransisco to baptize one of the investigators.
We had 2 baptism in our area this past Saturday. V. who has been attending church on her own for the past 3 weeks was baptized and also M. who is the sister of somebody that we used to teach and then he referred us to her. It was such a miracle because the baptism was scheduled in the morning and them M.´s mom got very sick with Chinkunkunya and M. had to stay to help her. We felt we needed to go to their house to help everyone feel a little better and see if the Lord could work a miracle to help M. get baptized that day. At first the dad got very upset but we were able to explain to him the importance and M. began to tell her dad how much she had been waiting for that day to be baptized. We could see the Spirit touch his heart and M. was baptized that afternoon. Also that same day (in between those 2 baptisms) we had the chance to go to San Francisco to baptize É., who we had interviewed for baptism the day before. The Sisters, who taught him, were so excited when he decided to be baptized and be courageous despite the negative comments of his family. This really was a week of miracles!
Baptism of V.

Baptism of E.

Baptism of M.

Sadly rain season has started and yesterday it rained so hard that water somehow got into our window and got Elder Gavarrete´s bed all wet! The raining was just relentless. Luckily in our house there are some extra sleeping mats for when far areas have to sleep in our house. My faithful poncho that has served me so well broke during that rain storm so I will maybe have a little funeral faithful friend. It has saved me so many times!

I am so glad that we are not alone in this work. There have been moments where the stress of leading a lot of missionaries can get the best of you but I have seen time and time again that the Spirit is always there to help us and turn stress into comfort and hope! I will never take that blessing for granted!

Elder Jensen

Giving a message at a ward activity we planned.

Enjoying Wendys after 17 months of not having it.

Trying to catch a bird that got in the chapel.

Watermelon eating contest that I lost.

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