Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Small and Simple Things

I look like a giant!

Dear Family,

It feels like the holy week this year was a lot, lot calmer. It is crazy to think that last holy week I had emergency changes here to Mazate. Where has the time gone?

Judas came out this week begging for money or bread from all of the businesses. The different thing this year was that here in the center there were a ton of marimbas out playing marimba music. As they played marimba in the streets Judas would dance and let´s just say it is quite a sight. The only part I didn´t like is that a group of like 3 marimbas parked outside of our apartment and were playing music with huge speakers until like 1 or 2 in the morning.

A marimba right outside our house.

We worked so so hard this week to find and bring people to hear the apostles and the prophet in the conference and we saw so many miracles. The members of our ward got excited as well and one sister of the ward who has a husband that isn´t a member was able to bring him to the conference. He came to conference and accepted an appointment with us for this week to teach him a little but more about the church! There were also many other members who brought friends and we were able to bring some people that we had also found.

One thing that helped a lot was that some of the sisters thought to do a carwash the Friday before conference. We were able to get a ton of tuc tucs to come into the parking lot and as we washed their cars we gave a tour of the chapel and at the end had them watch ´Because He Lives´ in the chapel. I ended up giving tours the whole time.  Itt was a really cool experience and helped me appreciate more the sacredness of the the chapels of the church. Plus it was also fun to get a little wet washing tuc tucs and a few cars.

The sad part of the week was that in the Sunday morning session of conference (where we had a ton of investiagators) the satelite signal failed and we couldn´t see the conference. They had to send everyone home and it was pretty heart breaking but things like this always happen for a reason. It kind of helps us to accept God´s will and learn from it. One really cool thing that happened was that on Saturday I ran into one of the converts from Santo Domingo, Analy! She got baptized August of last year and she has been going so faithfully to church! She is even saving up right now to go serve a mission and has been helping the sister missionaries do divisions! How cool!? It is like when Alma gets so happy to see the faithfulness of his bretheren that he falls down from happiness.

I have really, really enjoyed being with a latino companion again. The awesome part is that he also loves to work hard and we just have a blast together (and my spanish has had a noticible difference). It is always the best when you have a companion who helps you to work harder and give a little more of yourself.

I have the goal to work hard to be a more humble servant of the Lord. I was reading a little bit about that and it is important to give all the honor to the Lord when something is achieved and to always recognize our need of his divine help. I am so glad for His heavenly help each day and that like Elder Anderson said in conference, his hand is always seen in this work.

Elder Jensen

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