Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Rolling around Mazate

Dear Family,

Today I learned that roller skating is definitely not one of my God-given talents. I ended up on the floor about 15 times today and I am pretty sore right now. But it was a lot of fun!

I think one of the notable things that happened this week is that mango season started! Here in the center of the city there are so many people that sell fresh cut and prepared mangos and they are so incredible! I am not sure how I could live 18 years without knowing about these mangoes! This is why I love Guatemala so much.
City Park
Mango Season!

We have been working really hard to teach various families that attended church this past Sunday and we have seen a lot of miracles. One family, W. and A., has been progressing a lot in the gospel. We had originally thought that W. was already a member of the church but after we taught them about the organization of the church he realized that he had never been baptized in the church and told us that he wanted to be baptized with his wife. Since then they have been making a lot of changes in their life. Since A. is younger than 18 and they needed to get married, she went all the way to visit her parents and bring them to Mazate so that they could be there to sign for her marriage and she did it all! Her mom even came barefoot all the way from where they live (30 minutes away). They were married this past Saturday and we are going to help them to prepare for baptism this Saturday.

W. and A. signing marriage papers.

We also had some really really cool moments with another family whose names are E. and P. Another Elder found them when he got his watch fixed. He started talking to the watch fixer and gave us the reference. Well, last Sunday they came to church and have been so excited to read the Book of Mormon. We left them the chapter when Christ comes to visit the Americas (3 Nephi 11). When we came back to talk about the chapter they were so excited and they told us all the things they read in the chapter and it was incredible how much they had understood and remembered. I felt so happy and excited for them because of how much they love reading the Book of Mormon! We continue to visit and help them get closer to a baptismal date.

Christ visits America, as recorded in the Book of Mormon

Being in the center of the city lets us get to see some of the weirder stuff that Guatemala has to offer. There is a man that walks around here in the center and that just walks and walks all around without a destination. He actually served a mission for the church many years ago but somehow he lost his mind and now he just sings in random public places. He showed up to the church when we were playing volleyball today and started singing really loud. We all seemed to enjoy it.

I am so glad that the Lord gave me the chance to have my ankle back to normal and be working hard again to help all his children return to his presence. I am also so happy to be here in Guatemala! I have grown to love this place so much and all who live here!

Elder Jensen

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