Sunday, March 8, 2015

Las Palmas Zone

Dear Family,

I am walking again! Wooooh! I can´t tell you how awesome it is to be able to walk normally again and get back to the work I love!

Well Tuesday was the big day when I got my cast off. We went all the way back to Malacatán so that the same doctor could get my cast off. It was fun because I got to see a lot of missionaries that were in my district and that made me happy. Also I got to see some members that I never got to say goodbye to because of my surprise change from the area. Man I miss that place.

It hurt a lot to walk when the cast came off. I have to do this really silly exercise that is kind of like doing squats. Each day I my ankle gets stronger and I am pretty much walking normally again (I even played a little bit of volleyball today).

This week there are changes and it is going to be a little crazy because 19 missionaries are leaving and only 14 are coming in. Also my mission ´dad´ is leaving this change (Elder Coello). That is going to be really strange to not have him in the mission anymore but I guess the time to leave always comes at some point.

My ´brother´ in the mission Elder Najar (Elder Coello trained him in Calahuache after me).

We have seen some super huge miracles this week even working on crutches. It was pretty funny to see my shirt all untucked as I crutched around Reu. But, the members of our ward have worked really hard to help us find people to teach and thanks to them T., A., and M. are getting baptized this Saturday. T. (about 20 years old) has been learning about the church for about 2 months now and she is very excited for her baptism. She is a good friend of one of the members of the ward and she loves the church! M. (12 years old) was invited to church by his friend and after playing soccer at a few activities at the church he accepted to attend church and he is also very excited for this Saturday (he is also helping his cousins to attend church for the first time). A. is another youth that the members had been inviting to church and after one invitation to her to be baptized she accepted and has progressed really fast in the gospel as well. Her mom was baptized a long time ago and because of A.´s excitement she is coming back to church again. These are huge miracles!

I have absolutely loved the food here in Guatemala except for just one dish that I just really don´t like. There is this soup called leg soup where they chop up the legs of the cows with an axe and put little pieces of the leg in soup. Well, this past week we got some leg soup but for some reason in my soup they only put chunks of the cow´s fat. So I basically was eating cow fat in soup. It was pretty strange and made me very grateful for other food like beans and eggs (which i just love!).

My animal adventures this week were cool too! We happened to find a rabbit in one of the members house. It was kind of fun to mess around with until it did it´s business in my hand and then I was just upset with it. But oh well, I should have seen it coming. Also we ran into a great dane this week. Usually the dogs around here are tiny because they just eat people´s left over tortillas but this great dane was like the biggest dog I have every seen! Just huge!

Holding a rabbit with Elder Gaunt

Well, it has been a super fun and happy week (because I am walking! Woooh!). I am so grateful that the Lord gave me this trial with my ankle to learn patience and learn to accept his will. It is through small trials that he molds us into better instruments in his hands!

Elder Jensen

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