Monday, September 29, 2014

San Pablo Falls

A school in Malacatan named after the prophet Ezra Taft Benson, owned by a member of our ward.

Dear Family,

I think that this is going to be one of the best times in my mission when I will get to work harder than ever before!

After dividing the limits of our ward, we have started working in our area and it has been a little bit hard since most of the work was up in the city and not down where we are. We have started to find a lot of new people and get to know all the members who have stopped going to church. The amazing thing is that even though we work far from the city, we have had so much support from the members of the ward. They have come out to visit with us and help us meet new people who used to attend or find friends of theirs that we can teach. I think without the members here in Malacatán we would be struggling a lot right now. I am not sure how this ward got so much excitement for missionary work, but I love it!

We had a really cool experience with a family that we are teaching. The husband is V. and the wife is A. (The G. Family). They have 3 small boys and they are a very humble family. At night we have lessons by candle since they don`t have energy in the house. They attended the Sunday before I came and we have been trying to help them put a goal to get married and baptized. We had a lesson with them a couple days ago where we decided to teach clearly that they must get married so that they can progress and that this is necessary for their salvation. They said they will prepare themselves. It really helped me see how important it is to speak clearly and help them understand how they can return to God`s presence. 

Today we went to this huge waterfall in San Pablo and the air coming out of that thing was incredible. We got so wet from just being at the base of it because it was massive and so beautiful. 

The wind in this waterfall was so strong and awesome!

With my comp, Elder Cook, we both got soaking wet.

The most exciting thing is that this week is General Conference. There isn`t a better time to bring people to hear the living prophet and the apostles. We are going to work really hard to bring at least 10 people to the conference and help them feel the Spirit of the conference. I am so excited!

I hope you all have a great week and can also bring some people to come and hear the prophet`s voice!

Elder Jensen

On a hike we did to a waterfall in San Pablo.

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