Tuesday, September 23, 2014


A cool guy in our area in Malacatan who owned me on pushups
and had a punching bag. He was really awesome!  
He got baptized in the church when he was 12 or 13.
He had a sweet belt that was a dead snake.
Dear Family,

I´ve had some fun getting to know my new area this week! I am going to miss Santo Domingo but I am looking forward to some new and awesome experiences.

It was pretty tough to say goodbye to everyone in Santo Domingo because I really loved all the members and people that I had worked with for so much time. I feel so blessed for all the incredible memories and miracles and my experiences there have changed my testimony. I might get to see some of these converts again in the temple I hope!

I am now in Malacatán. Our ward is called the Libertad Ward and I guess our area is the part of the city that reaches down to the next town called Catarina. The chapel here in Malacatán is so incredible. I am sure that it is the best chapel in the mission. Today we enjoyed playing basketball in the 2nd floor court in the chapel. Yeah, it is pretty cool. The other crazy news is that they put  2 sister missionaries in Malacatán for the first time in 4 years! We will be sharing the ward with them. The ward was only of the 2 Elders but now they doubled the missionaries by putting in the sisters because this Ward is one of the best wards in the mission. Our ward has a ton of return missionaries who are ready to help us and a lot of amazing new members that have some powerful testimonies. I think that this will be a really amazing time in my mission.

Me, Elder Fifita (from my CCM group) and my comp Elder Cook.
My companion is a really new missionary named Elder Cook. It has been cool for him because he has had to show the whole area to me and also the 2 new Sisters (Sister Barba from Arizona and Sister Cabrera from Honduras). He has a month and a half in the field and his Spanish is pretty impressive and I will be helping him improve as well (which will help me too). The fun thing is that I am learning to teach more simply with him which will help me a lot. Elder Cook is from San Diego, California and has a lot of awesome energy. We are going to work hard and help this ward to grow a lot.

This week we made a division in the area so that the Sister Missionaries can work and we have been working kind of further out from town. The people are a lot simpler and there a few members that have gained a strong testimony and find whatever way to make it to church (since it is a little far). We had a fun activity on Sunday called the Mormon Battalion where all the members meet up in the afternoon and we head out on splits to visit a ton of people and teach them and invite them to church. It is fun and I love seeing all this excitement in the members!

With all these new adventures I have felt a little tired but I feel so grateful that I get to serve the Lord in a lot more ways and help even more people feel the purifying power of the atonement. I also love serving here in Guatemala, even if we run into random wild horses and old men who can do clapping pushups!  I love it here and I love serving my Heavenly Father!


Elder Jensen

My comp and I found some wild horses.

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