Sunday, September 14, 2014

Faith in Every Footstep

Dear Family,

We worked pretty hard this week and we had a couple of days where it seemed like we walked around town several times but I guess I will have some strong legs when I get finished with the mission.

After all the great miracles in the past months we have wanted to keep up the pace and keep working our hearts out. It was kind of funny because we had a day where almost nobody let us into their house. We taught several people just standing in their doorway but by the end of the day we basically just fell into our beds. The next morning we were like zombies because as we were studying in the morning I kind of feel a sleep as I was telling Elder Perdomo what I had learned that morning and when I kind of woke up he was asleep too at his desk. But I guess that's a sign that we are working hard!

A puzzle I made for S. Each piece of the puzzle
has a reading assignment in the Book of Mormon.
I think the biggest miracle of this week is that S. and L. (the family that we have been teaching for months) came to church together for the first time this past Sunday. It was such an awesome sight! The fun thing is that they got to sit with the family of the Ward Mission Leader (who is a long time friend of Sebastian it turns out). We had a great lesson with them where Lucy bore her testimony of the church to her husband and we made a puzzle for S. with scriptures from the Book of Mormon so that he can read each day and pray so that Heavenly Father can help him know the book is true. There is a part in Preach My Gospel that I love that says ´Nobody can know the spiritual truths without prayer´ (or at least that´s how I translated it to English). We are helping him pray and turn to the source of all truth so that he can know that what we teach is true.

As we were walking along this week I noticed this really cool house that looks a lot like a house in the states. I kind of felt curious to see who lived there and I saw a dad outside playing with his daughters and I kind of said hi and he asked us to come in and visit with him. It turns out that he was really involved in religion but had kind of moved away from that because he felt left by his congregation. He had heard about the church before and had a lot of doubts but has begun to read the Book of Mormon and is intently trying to receive an answer. He is a really amazing person and loves his family a lot. The weird thing is that when we teach him outside of his house I feel like I am in the states because he has a swing for the kids all sorts of toys and it feels a little weird but I love visiting with him! I really hope he keeps praying!

This week we had a really neat meeting with the Stake President of Mazate and with President Ruiz where they really talked about the vision of the stake to split and really become a strong part of Zion. It made me feel really excited and helped me realize what a huge part I have in establishing the Lord´s kingdom in the earth and in Guatemala. It is so fun!

This week I think I decided that I will have to hire a Guatemalan chef when I get back. I am just loving the food here and maybe I will just have to start a restaurant and sell all my favorite Guatemalan dishes and maybe some drinks in bags like they sell here. I think people would go crazy for that.

I am so grateful to be one of the Lord´s helpers here on the earth and help find his children that need to feel his love. This week we met some wonderful people who really just needed someone to help them with their spiritual needs and it is so cool to see the gospel fill that empty spot in their lives. I love being a part of this work!

Elder Jensen

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