Tuesday, October 7, 2014

General Conference

Dear Family,

This conference was so fun because we worked so hard! Here in our zone we saw a lot of miracles and some fun stories too.

We were so hyped up this week to bring a ton of people to hear the prophet at conference and coming into Saturday and Sunday I was so excited. The Lord really helped us find a lot of prepared people willing to come listen to the prophet and we had it all planned to bring a lot of people. Before each session we split up with the members to bring people and we started off slow on Saturday but on Sunday we just went crazy looking for people. Before the afternoon session on Sunday I took another crazy Elder with me to go find someone, anyone, in our area to bring to conference and we decided we would not go alone to conference! We looked and looked and finally found a pretty cool 16 year old that got ready really fast and went with us to conference. It was really fun. We ended up having 9 people in conference and the G. Family came! They are preparing to be married and baptized this week! 

Another fun thing we did was on Friday we got together with the Sister Missionaries in our ward to go invite the whole Benson High School (owned and worked my members and named after the prophet) to conference and then we went to another High School and then came back to the Benson to teach and invite even more kids. I think we invited over 500 students to conference and it was so awesome! I felt like a Book of Mormon prophet inviting everyone to come and listen to the prophet. Of course Elder Cook and I figured out how to get everyone laughing and excited for this conference. I`m not sure how many of them came but it was definitely a fun memory. 

Our whole zone will be working hard this month because we had 136 people in conference and we will be going back with all of them to help them keep progressing in the gospel!  I have to say that I just loved the Spanish talks that were given and the Spirit is so much more powerful when it is the actual voice of the speaker. How awesome for the Chapines (Guatemalans)!

Now that there is no conference this week we will see if it is still as exciting. We are planning a big group baptism this week because almost every area has people preparing for baptism and it should be really cool. I am just so grateful to be here and see that the Lord is guiding our work. We really saw success as we went and visited all the members in our area that have stopped coming to church and find new family members that are now ready to hear the gospel. Plus the members in our ward are so ´pilas´ (this word literally means batteries but is used for someone energized and ready to get to work). 

I am so grateful that the Lord has restored his gospel to the earth and that he speaks with a living prophet and councils and guides us through him. How fun to tell people that there is a prophet like Moses speaking today and we got to go listen to him! I love this work!

Elder Jensen

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