Saturday, July 12, 2014

Greatest Times of My Mission

July 5th, Baptism of S. and her son, J.!
This was my first parent son baptism and it was a very cool experience.
I got to baptize J.

 Dear Family,

These are some of the greatest times of my mission. I feel like Heavenly Father trusts me a lot because he´s given me the chance to meet and teach some very special people and some very special families.

I have been thinking a lot of how I want to teach and help more families so that they can support each other in their gospel growth and it has been so cool to see the Lord answer our prayers. I mentioned that the last Saturday a huge group of youth came down to Santo Domingo to find people to teach and that morning I had received a reference of a less active member that I had never met. I hadn´t thought about that reference until a few days ago we passed the house where this person lived. I felt the impression to see if anyone was home and I noticed that the World Cup game was on. We called out and the wife of the family came out and let us in without us hardly saying a word. Luckily the game had just ended because we noticed that there in the hammock the husband was seated and he also greeted us as we went in. They both were so nice. We introduced our special message to their family and the husband was very interested and we are going to go back today.  I really have been praying hard for them and really hope that the Lord prepares their hearts and gives us a portion of his Spirit so that this family can be blessed with the restored gospel.

Another huge blessing of that day when all the youth came to Santo Domingo is that we have been able to continue working with M. (our Morgan Freeman investigator) and his family. He lives with his wife, and with his son and daughter-in-law. We have had the chance this week to teach them all and they are so so prepared and have really come to feel that this gospel is true. M., his wife D. and his Daughter-in-law, B., all came to church this Sunday. A. (the son) was in Guate this Sunday. As we visited them all again in the afternoon on Sunday they were all very pleased with the church and really felt that it is Christ´s church on the earth. M. really understands about the importance of the authority that is found in the church and really wants to keep the commandments. I am so grateful that the Lord has allowed us to teach these very special families!

This past Saturday S. and her son, J., chose to be baptized! This was pretty special because this was the first time seeing a parent and child be baptized together. I felt so happy and as we were sitting in the service all dressed in white a really big sun beam was shining in through the window on us and I felt really happy and hopeful to see all these wonderful people when we return to God´s presence. We had a really nice service and they were both confirmed this past Sunday. This was also very special because this was a huge blessing for opening my mouth to share the good news of the gospel on the bus. I guess S. didn´t sit next to me by coincidence. Now I´ve got a lot more faith to be brave and spread this joy!

I noticed this past fast Sunday that I have shared my testimony in every single fast and testimony meeting here in the mission. That kind of makes me laugh to think how scared I used to be to get up and share my testimony and now that I´m a special witness of the Savior it is something that I really love. Hopefully the ward hasn´t gotten bored of me though.

At the bottom of the fall, sooo cool!

Cool flowers!

Guatemala really is such a perfect place to be sharing the gospel. I get to enjoy a lot of the Lord's beautiful creations here (not to mention a super awesome waterfall that we visited today) and meet some of his special children each day.

Elder Jensen

Enjoying Fourth of July with a root beer (that was tough to find, but so good)!

With almost all of my comps that are still in the mission. 

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