Wednesday, July 23, 2014


A fun district meeting. I was Ammon teaching Lamoni.

Dear Family,

As I write to you there is a funeral procession passing and the funeral car carrying the person is playing happy cartoon music as the mourners follow behind. It´s just a little bit strange here sometimes.

I think we are really starting to catch fire here in Santo Domingo. There are so many prepared people that we have gotten to teach and see the amazing progress of them in the gospel. I don't think there´s anything better than when someone we invite to keep the commandments actually does it and then tells us about the blessings. Those are the moments when I really love Heavenly Father so much and thank him for putting his gospel once again in the earth.

From our huge wave of investigators in church last Sunday, 3 of them were almost baptized this Saturday. Their names are K., R., and J.. They are 3 brothers of C. and J. who were baptized a few months ago. In their family there are 9 people and 7 of the 9 came to church this past Sunday! And both the parents were there! This really is a huge miracle because this huge miracle began when a member brought his friend to church about 3 months ago and now this whole family is being blessed by the gospel! That really motivates me to work hard to invite everyone to come unto Christ because just by simple acts of kindness whole families can be changed and blessed! These 3 brothers are preparing to be baptized this Saturday.

I have noticed that as we try our best to serve the members of the church they really begin to trust us to teach their close friends and family. A couple weeks ago a sister in Santo Domingo who has a lot of daughters mentioned to us that one of her son-in-laws had returned to Santo Domingo to be with her daughter again. They had already prepared him a little to hear about the church and she asked us to teach him. We came and did a little Family Home Evening and got to meet C. (the son-in-law that isn´t a member). Later we began to teach him and found that he has been searching for the true church for a long time. As we taught him about the church he began to read the Book of Mormon and has really felt the Spirit because as we invite him to live the commandments of the Lord he really understands the blessings he will receive and he is starting to make small changes. The cool thing is that his wife has never chosen to be baptized but they are learning together and I know that the Lord will bless them as they progress as a family.

So ever since there was an earthquake a few weeks ago it has stopped raining. I´m pretty sure that the earth doesn´t have much to do with the sky but it is pretty weird. I guess this is called ´Canícula´. It´s when it stops raining in the rainy season and it gets really hot, which is very true. I'm just grateful for fans because if we didn´t have fans I would be soaked in sweat by the end of our study time. I guess all the rain has advantages.

Each day I am so grateful that the Lord helps me improve and increase in my skills as a missionary. Each day it seems like the Lord finds ways to help me serve better so that he can touch more people and help them come unto Christ and unto salvation. I don´t think there will ever be a time like this so I try each day to enjoy my missionary service to the Lord!

Elder Jensen

Trying to unclog our poor toilet.
You would be surprised how effective big buckets are to unclog toilets.
I´ve got a lot of experience now with that.

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