Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My favorite month so far!

I like the roofs in Santo Domingo, its called ´teja.´

Dear Family,

What a great month of July! This has definitely been by favorite month so far!  There have been so many blessings.

This whole week we have worked a lot with the G. family, the family of C. and J. who are recent converts. We even had a really cool visit with the dad of the family. We were able to explain to him how the Lord brought his priesthood authority back to the earth and after that he wanted his kids to be baptized! This past Sunday right before the sacrament meeting 3 of the brothers, were baptized. We had made up a schedule for reading the scriptures and they have been reading each and every day in the Book of Mormon and it is really fun to see them grow in the gospel. I really believe that is a chosen family of the Lord. And how did we find them? A member chose to take one of his friends to church and now almost the whole family is attending church! Don´t be afraid to invite your friends to hear the gospel!

I think this month was especially cool because we tried not to waste a second and we really got some of the members involved in the conversion of the people we were teaching. They were able to support each other and we got to see six people be baptized this month from Santo Domingo! Now my big goal is to look for a whole family that the Lord has prepared to hear and live the gospel together! 

I kind of had a funny experience this week as we visited ´The Plaza´ (the place with all the American restaurants). As we were walking along we ran into a huge group of American High school kids. I think they kind of got confused when they saw me walk by and I was saying hi to them in English. I have no clue what they were doing but that gave me a good laugh.

We really have had some cool experiences with another family that we are teaching. I found this family with a few youth as we were doing divisions with them and it just can´t be a coincidence that we came across them. The wife of this family has such a strong testimony of the church but because of her work as a police officer it is hard to attend church. We were able to find them both together and we let the wife bear her testimony to her husband about the church (he isn´t a member) and it was probably one of the strongest testimonies I have heard. I know that he felt the Spirit and right now he is studying the Book of Mormon in his work and I really know that the Lord will help him feel the Spirit. Their names are S. and L. I don´t know that I will be here when he eventually gets baptized but I know that the Lord will help him in his search for the truth!

Each day I try to put into words how thankful I am to Heavenly Father and I can never quite do it but I know that he feels I´m grateful and that he will continue to bless me and those I teach as I am faithful to him! It is so cool being a missionary!


Elder Jensen

Looking out on what they call the Rue Valley.

I chose ´El Mingueño´ because that is how they call the natives from Santo Domingo.

We played outside of this giant dome stadium. I think next week we will get to go inside and play.

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