Monday, August 4, 2014

Xela Temple

Dear Family,

The highlight of this week was definitely our visit to the temple. As I`ve grown to love the gospel of Jesus Christ more and more I have really grown to love the temple as well.

This past Wednesday we got up at 3 in the morning to go visit the temple! It was kind of fun to pass San Felipe and Calahuaché as we headed to Xela and to remember all my old areas.  I think the greatest impressions I felt was a huge desire to help families come and receive all the eternal blessings of the temple. As we returned to our area we brought that desire with us and we began to search for families. Through a lot of miracles and hard work we are now teaching 6 families and 1 of these families came to church this Sunday!

Two of the families that we are teaching are very special to me.  One of these families I have already mentioned, where the wife is a member of the church (L.) and her goal has always been to take here family to the temple. We met her husband (S.) about a month ago, who isn`t a member but in this past month he has been reading and studying the Book of Mormon.   I really feel that he will come to know that it is true! We had dinner with them on Sunday night and I really love that family so much and hope that the Lord helps them progress in the gospel. 

The other really awesome family we are teaching are J. and V.  We met J.  because about 2 weeks ago he started a little venta of tortas. One day we asked somebody if there were any families that we could teach or that needed a visit from us and they sent us to J. He is a very cool guy whose parents come from Jamaica.  They actually just moved to Santo Domingo. I tried one of his tortas and it was delicious. We talked a little and we set a day to come back. When we came back it was raining like crazy and we really didn`t understand each other for the noise of the rain but they accepted to come to church and they went and really want to go back this Sunday. I really feel that these are chosen families from the Lord and that they will be able to receive the blessings of the gospel.

I`ve been feeling kind of bad for the laundry lady because my shirts have gotten so so dirty these days. I think my backpack does a lot of damage because sometimes I finish days with a humongous black stain on my back and strap marks on my shoulders. I finally sent it with her to have it washed and she told me ´Elder, when I washed your backpack the water almost turned into mud it was so dirty.´ It kind of made me laugh.

I really am having some of the greatest experiences of my mission and I thank the Lord each day for that. I know that without his help none of this would happen. I just love love reading Alma 26 that reminds me how much the Lord helps me in this work. I don`t think there is anything better than seeing the Lord´s hand in people´s lives each day!


Elder Jensen 
Enjoying those skinny brownies (super super good by the way)!

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