Sunday, March 30, 2014

Moving Forward

The San Felipe chapel

Dear Family,

The Lord has blessed me so much this week! I am so looking forward to this next week as we try to do our best to help 2 of Heavenly Father´s children take those first steps in becoming clean of their sins and inheriting eternal life.

This week the ultimate highlights were setting baptismal dates for 2 of our awesome investigators. F. will be baptized this Saturday. I can´t thank the Lord enough for leading us to him and preparing the heart of F. and his family to recieve us. I found out the other day that almost all the missionaries who have been in this ward have tried to teach the P. Family (F's family have all been baptized except him) but none of them were able to teach them. I realize how blessed I am to have been able to find and teach F. and that the Lord prepared the hearts of him and his family to recieve us and receive the restored gospel. 

The other miracle is K. We were able to find here one day as we were contacting houses and we found that her heart was so so prepared for the gospel. Even greater was when we found out that her brother is a church member. We were able to visit her this week with a couple in the ward and it was one of the most amazing lessons I have had. K. has some fears of baptism but the couple bore such powerful testimonies of the church and of their process of overcoming their fears and their conversion experiences. I can´t tell you how grateful I was to be there with such wonderful people and to see the love that this couple had for K. They invited her to attend Mutual with them and they have been taking her and her sister to church and even to seminary. It really strengthened my testimony so much of how important our duty is as members to become involved in this work and really offer all the support and service we can to those who are learning about the gospel and are in great need of a friend. We are planning to have the baptism of K.
as well this Saturday.

I am so so grateful that the Lord has trusted me with these special souls and that he has entrusted me with so many wonderful experiences that help me to know for certain that this is Jesus Christ´s gospel and that through him we can really become happy and fulfill our deepest desires. I have a talk by Elder Tad Callister that is called ¨Becoming a Consecrated Missionary¨ and it is really such a great talk. It talks about that our motivation in becoming a consecrated missionary and leaving it all on the Altar of Sacrifice should be the sacrifice of our Savior Jesus Christ. He left nothing back and gave his all. If we really understand what he did for us we will be driven to give our all which will be nothing compared to his all. I love the Lord and am so grateful that I can pour my heart out to him and that he listens and comforts me. I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the chance I have to see it work miracles in my life and in the life of God´s children.

Elder Jensen
My scriptures and hymn book. I bought the cases in the CCM and have used them since

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