Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tarde de Blanca

The 29th we had a tarde de blanca or white afternoon. 7 people were baptized. 

Dear Family,

I have been so incredibly blessed this week! I was blessed to be part of my first two baptisms! I can´t help but feel so grateful to the Lord for the chance to be an instrument in his hand and see all the miracles that made this possible!

This Saturday the 29th K. and F. were baptized! We had already set the date with them last week but the whole week we visited them both each day and kept showing our support and bringing members of the ward to show their support as well! We were able to help K. overcome some of her fear and we had some great spiritual experiences with her as she prayed to here Heavenly Father for courage and an answer to know if what we´ve taught is true. She has a great testimony of how we can recieve answers to our prayers through the Spirit because she has shared some of those experiences with us. Also we were able to see a lot of miracles with F. His parents at first were pretty hesitant about him being baptized this Saturday because I think they don`t want him to fall away from the church as they have. The mom was really unsure about him being baptized. After a lot of prayers and fasts her heart was softened and she was able to see the amazing blessings that were F. was receiving and she was able to see that he was ready to make these covenants with the Lord.

When I look back and think about how we were able to find both F. and K. I realize that it all came through the members! We were able to find the F's family after we decided to seek out the less active families and go to the Bishop to ask who of all the less active families we could visit. That was when were were guided to his home. We found K. as we were contacting houses but we really began to have success when we found that her brother is a member and her mom is also a member. We also visited her a lot with the members and she made some great friendships. She even got up one time to go to seminary which starts here at 5am. I realize that Elder P. and I almost didn´t do anything. It was all the guidance of the Spirit that led us to them and also helped us to lead them to this amazing step in their lifes as they were baptized and confirmed. My testimony really grew that what we missionaries really have to do is work our best to be worthy tools in the hands of the Lord. If we are obedient and worthy and willing to submit to the Lord and be humble, he really will guide us to his prepared children and we will literrally become instruments in his hands and see amazing miracles.

I was also so blessed to be able to perform both ordinances (and also another baptism of the Sisters in San Felipe). The actual service was really cool because 7 people were baptized and 1 of them was from Calahuache, a member of the B. family. There was so much support there and there really was a strong spirit. It was such an amazing experience and I can`t tell you what it did to lift my spirits. I just felt so full of thanks and I wanted to work that much harder after the service to be able to help even more of Heavenly Father`s childrens and keep being an effective tool in the hands of the Lord. I know that if I am willing to give him my all and I keep doing my best to show him that I am worthy of his guidance, I know that I can continue to have amazing experiences like this again.

I am so grateful for this time that I have had in Central - San Felipe with Elder P. and all the amazing things the Lord has taught me. I won`t say that it has been easy but it certainly has been worth it and I wouldn´t trade this time that I`ve had here for anything. I know that our Heavenly Father really is there for us and wants to bless us so so much. If we seek his guidance and really pay attention to the promptings of the Spirit he really will direct our lives for good and we will see so many miracles. I thank the Lord for the chance to serve and to see the Atonement work changes in people´s lives.

Elder Jensen
A talking bird


The street headed for the Church in San Felipe.

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