Sunday, March 23, 2014

Teaching the Gospel

A picture of Elder Jensen with other misisonaries at a recent meeting.
Dear Family,

This week we had a couple of really awesome miracles happen! Lately we have been trying to find people to teach through the members and the less active members who have a lot of friends who will benefit from this gospel. One of the less active families that we found is named the Familia P.. It is a mom and a dad and 6 boys. That family kind of makes me think of all the boys in our family! The youngest of the 6 is named F. He is 12 years old. We found out that he is the only member of the family that has not been baptized yet. We were blessed enough to be able to enter the house and get to know F. and a couple of his older brothers. There is one brother named A. that is 14 that still attends church by himself. For some reason or another F. wasn´t going with him but when we met him we found out that he knows a lot about the church and is an awesome kid. We began to teach him and we´ve been able to teach him every day since. He also came to church with his brother this past Sunday. When we challenged him to be baptized he whole-heartedly accepted! He will be baptized this 29th of March, the last Saturday of the month! It was such a miracle that we were able to find that family and that the Lord inspired us to be able to search for his children that are prepared and are just waiting for an invitation to begin to recieve the blessings of this gospel. My hope is that we will be able to help the whole family to begin attending church once again and that the baptism of their son F. can rekindle the love that they have for the gospel and they can become a family eternally blessed my the Lord.

We also had another cool experience. One of the people we are teaching is a 19 year old girl named K. She has been accepting the teachings really well and really has desires to follow Christ. So far she has been a little scared about accepting the challenge to be baptized but she attented church for the first time this past week. The cool thing that happened is that as we came to her house one day to visit her we saw a member of the ward in the yard. We talked to him a little bit and found out that our investigator is his sister! How cool is that! Somehow we hadn´t figured out that her brother is a member of the church! But we were sure glad when we found out! We look forward to getting her brother involved and hopefully seeing miracles in that family (there are more siblings and the brother is the only member).

I am so grateful to the Lord for all the tender mercies that he gave me this week. Lately I have been studying a lot about love and charity. I think the Lord has put me in so many situations that are helping me to really have love for everyone. It is something that I am working hard to improve. I was studying D&C 12 and I realized how important it is that as a servant of the Lord, I have love for every single one of the children of God. That is something that I am always seeking to improve so that I don´t judge anybody and I am willing to sacrifice everyone for these wonderful people that have so much love for the Savior. I am grateful each day that the Lord loves me enough to give me trials and experiences to learn and grow my testimony!

Elder Jensen

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