Sunday, March 16, 2014


With one of the sister missionaries at the carnival.

Dear Family,

This week was another week where I have learned so much and grown to understand and know the Lord a little bit better.

This week we were trying pretty hard to find some people who already have friends or family that are members who will be more receptive to the restored gospel. It hasn´t been easy and we didn´t have to much success. I am learning a lot about how the Lord prepares people to hear the gospel and how I can find these people. I think I am going to try to focus on the members who have not come to church in a long time who will be blessed so much by starting to come again but will also have a lot of friends that can be blessed by this amazing gospel.

This week I had a couple big successes. This week I was able to finish reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish! I thought that was such a cool experience and I can´t tell you how much I´ve grown to love the Book of Mormon. There were so many experiences that I had as I read when I knew without a doubt that the book is true and that as we read it we feel the Spirit so strong that nobody can deny it. I have seen how it has helped my spanish and helped my testimony grow so much. The other great thing that happened this week is that 4 members of the V. Family were baptized! This was a really great family that I was able to find and teach a little bit in Calahuache. I just know that if they keep moving forward in this gospel that whole family can enjoy the blessings that the Lord has prepared for them!

This week I memorized a lot of scriptures about faith and miracles. I think one of the hard things for me is to have faith. Sometimes it is easy to doubt that something is going to happen if you open your mouth to share the gospel but the Lord has promised that if we have faith in him, and if we don´t doubt anything, that he will always help us and we can see miracles. I especially love the chapter in Ether 12 that talks about this and Moroni 10:7, Ether 12:12, 1 Nephi 7:12, and Moroni 7:37. I am also working really hard to be filled with love and charity towards everyone. I think that once I am able to develop a true love for the people here, serving them and sharing the gospel with all my efforts will be a natural result of the love I have for them and the desire I have for them to be a happy and blessed people.

I know that this is Jesus Christ´s gospel. It has been restored to the earth and we have to let everyone know! Sometimes I let fear get in the way of telling everyone of this special news but fear cam´t get in the way of all the wonderful blessings that Heavenly Father has prepared for his children. If we are humble and seek the Lord's help, we can become an instrument in his hand to spread this joyful news and bring wonderful blessings to his children who are looking for this forgiveness and happiness that is found in the Savior. I am so grateful each day that the Savior allows me to wear his name on my chest!

Elder Jensen

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