Sunday, March 2, 2014

Surprise Transfer!

We played soccer in Reu against the Reu Zone. It was kind of hot but fun.

Dear Family,

I´ve got some crazy news! I got transferred! I am now in San Felipe, Central Ward! I definitely did not see that coming! It was kind of funny because I took all my stuff down to Reu and then got to bring it all back up to San Felipe. But I am really excited and happy that the Lord is letting me ¨start over¨ in a new ward!

We found out this Tuesday in the afternoon that I had changes. I thought for sure I was going to stay in Calahuache and Elder C. was going to leave but he is staying there to train a new missionary and I left. I am now in an area called Central in San Felipe. I am with an Elder named Elder P. He is from Managua, Nicaragua. He´s got a pretty energetic personality and we are doing some great things. This is his last change in the mission. I think he is going to help me a lot in learning how to talk to everyone and earning the trust and love of the people.

The really cool thing about this area is that I am in a ward! This past Sunday we had an attendance of 120 and it was a pretty awesome sight. I think that this is a huge blessing to be able to work with a lot of people who have really strong testimonies in this gospel. I´m going to try not to waste this chance to work in a ward and I hope I can figure out where to start.

The house here is nicer than my last one but sometimes it is a little noisy when there are big buses passing through in the night. Also the weather here is still really nice. It is a little warmer than Calahuache but it isn´t too hot. Another cool thing is that here we eat with the members for lunch every day. I have gotten to have some really good food here already.

I really am so grateful for the time that I had in Calahuache. I really learned so much from my experiences there are really grew a lot in my testimony. I am also so grateful that the Lord has given me this chance to start off again and do my best to take care of his children here in this area. There are some challenges here in this area but I am looking forward to seeking the Lord´s help and doing my best to follow his guidance.

Here in Central there aren´t a whole lot of people we are teaching right now. We are going to work hard this week to focus on finding people to teach and helping the members to share the gospel with their friends.

I have gotten about half way through the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I have really seen the effect that it´s had on my Spanish but the greater affect that it has had on my testimony of the Book of Mormon. It is so incredible the Spirit that I feel each time I open that book and grow in my love and faith of the Savior Jesus Christ. What´s more, is that I am helping the people here in these lands to learn about the people who were here and grow in their faith and love of the Savior just like the people in the Book of Mormon. I read recently in Alma 24 that talks about how converted the people of Ammon were and it really is a testament to me about how people can really change their lives and come to taste of the forgiveness of the Atonement. The example of those people and the missionaries that taught them always makes me want to work that much harder to help people come to taste of that same joy of the gospel.

I know that the Lord watches out for us in all moments and that every experience that he gives us is because he loves us so much. I know that this gospel is true and I am so grateful to be a messenger of light to God´s children.


Elder Jensen

In the house we live upstairs.
The owner has fancy get togethers so this was one of them.

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