Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Where ARE you from?

Dear Family,

The question ´Where are you from?´ has been tough for me to answer lately considering that you all live in Japan now! It is definitely more fun to tell the Guatemalans that I am from Japan, of course they always respond ´you´re not chinese!´.

I have pretty much spent the whole week trying to adjust to my new assignments in the mission. It is definitely a much slower pace but it is a lot more mentally demanding. We really do a lot of planning and brain storming to find ways to help the mission as a whole. I guess before the assistants had an area they could work in a few days of the week but a little while ago they took that out and now we just work sometimes with the Elders in an area called Pedregal here in Reu. The fun thing is that Elder Walton is in that area so we get to reunite as companions again at times!

Almost all of our travels are in the buses, so I am getting to see a whole lot more of crazy things happen on the buses. I was enjoying a nice little nap when all of a sudden I was woken up by some super loud yelling and a ton of spit in my face from a crazy guy who was basically screaming right in front of my face telling the whole bus to repent. On the same trip I also got surprised as a tiny little dog appeared under my seat! I guess it had chewed it´s way out of the little cord that it was tied up with. Hard to be bored on those bus trips.

I haven´t noticed, but a ton of people keep saying that I look a lot skinnier and I am starting to notice that with my older pants it is a constant struggle to keep them from falling down! The problem is that I have reached the last hole on my belt and it doesn´t help me anymore. I guess it is time to invest in a new belt and in a tailor to fix those pants. But, don´t worry, I am super healthy, just skinny.

On Sunday we had the chance to go help with the dedication of the new stake center chapel in San Felipe (one my first areas).  The chapel is amazing and it blew my mind that they built it in only 6 or 7 months and it is a beauty! Afterwards, we got to stay close by and go with the Elders in a place called San Andres. 

Tomorrow we will be receiving the new missionaries which will be a fun experience, a lot of deja vu as well remembering the first day I got to the mission field (I fell in a river that day).

I really have learned the truthfulness to the phrase ´There is now growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone.´ It has been a tough week as I am growing and learning to do demanding things but I know that my whole life will be just like this, always learning to do new things and failing a little at first and then reaching success. I am so grateful God gives me the chance to push myself and do new things that I never thought I could. It is the best!

Elder Jensen


Our Fourth of July celebration...roasting hot dogs in the back yard

Visiting Elder Merrill


                       Zona Mazate

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