Monday, June 29, 2015

Good-Bye Zona Mazate Lincoln

Doing some interviews with 4 elders.

Dear Family,

This has been the most eventful week for a long,  long time!

After a lot of prayers of the missionaries I have been able to get back to 100% health and I have felt great. We started working hard starting with Monday, we had super big plans this week since we were on track to break the zone record that had been set a few years back. Well, I got an interesting phone call on Tuesday. It was President Ruiz calling to tell me that I had changes and that I would be the new assistant of the Mission Reu!! I almost had a heart attack! He was planning to change me out that same day (on Tuesday) but I was able to explain that we had a lot of plans in these next few days and that I wanted to stay at least until Monday. He said that would be fine and the next day they sent in my replacement to be with us in a trio for a few days. That was kind of fun go around with 2 companions instead of just 1.

Since I knew that I only would have until Monday in Mazate I wanted to give my all! We were able to travel around and help a lot of the areas get people ready for baptism. Each day we saw big miracles, areas that doubted they could have baptisms were able to have prepared people. Many souls were able to repent and be clean and start their lives over again! There is nothing better to witness than this!

Baptsim of A.

As I was saying goodbye to the C. Family (baptized last week and miraculously I was able to be in the baptism service) and I was overwhelmed with joy to see how much they have been able to change in the past couple months! E., who used to come home drunk and yell and cause problems in the home has come to love his family and serve them, and the spirit in their home is totally different and S. was just so thankful for the 360 degree change in their family. I just felt in that moment, ´this is why I am here´. This is why God sends us to be missionaries.
The C. family

I have enjoyed giving out Japanese candies to the members of the ward since they all were asking me for some after I gave a talk about that. Well, the whistle candies you sent were actually in an English package with English all over and I mistakenly gave the packet to one of the members who likes to joke around a lot and he gave me a hard time about giving out candies that were really made in the states. It was super funny but I was able to explain that it was a Japanese idea just ripped off in the states.

On Sunday, I. (baptized last month) brought her brother, J., to church. We were able to help him commit to change and prepare for baptism and he is ready to change! The best moment was that as we left we saw J.´s mom begin to cry for joy to see that her son is ready to change and that we would be at his side helping him. I could feel the spirit so strong and feel that nothing is coincidence! This is the Lord´s work!

Elder Jensen

Where´s the door?

Zona Mazate Lincoln, breaking the record!

One of the areas in the zone, La Union

Making tortillas with E., the mom of A.

With O. (baptized a few months ago)
and O.´s friend M. L. who was baptized thanks to O.

I. (baptized last month and going super strong)
with her husband and her daughter L.

With A. (a future missionary for sure) and his family.

With the ward mission leader, A., and his family.
They were at every single one of our baptisms.

Carrying my clothes bag on my head like a Guatemalan.

Good-bye to my companions.

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