Thursday, July 16, 2015

Step by step

        Missionary work is for all ages!

Dear Family,

I think this week I finally learned what Lehi experienced when he talked about the mists of darkness that were before the tree of life. As we drove back down to Reu after dropping off a missionary in the mountains out of nowhere we ran into a super thick fog! I don´t know if it was a cloud or just fog but wow it was hard to see! I was just driving as slow as I could because I know some of these mountain roads just have shear drops on both sides (according to my companion but maybe he just exagerated it so I would drive better) so that was pretty intense! Luckily it didn´t last too long and we made it out ok, but I am now paranoid to drive the truck up and down the mountains!

         My new companion, Elder Merrill

Besides our experience in the mists of darkness things have been pretty calm. On Tuesday we welcomed in the new missionaries and share some messages with them which was fun. I still feel like I was in their spot just a few months ago. We were up all that night getting the presentation of the changes ready. Before the assistant´s would make a powerpoint of all of the changes in the mission but Presidente wanted the meeting to be a little more calm so we just did the presentation of the new missionaries and he just read the changes and the furthest zones left as he read the changes. My new companion is Elder Merrill from Canada. The good thing is that he has been a long long time in the mountains so luckily we didn´t get lost in Xela or in San Marcos.

We also got to work in some really cool places this week. There is a place called ´El Codo´ (The Elbow) which is on the way to Champerico from Reu and we got to meet and help some really cool families that have gone to church there and are getting ready to be baptized. It is a pretty remote place and the Elders use bikes but it was really fun to meet the people and families that live there who have a lot of faith! Also I got to work on Sunday in Colomba which is a place with so so so many stairs! I think my leg muscles must have doubled!

The Reu stake planned an interesting activity on Saturday morning with all of the primary kids (like 5-10 year olds). It turned out to be a success because as we went to go visit some less active members I would stop them all at times to contact people in their homes and we learned that little kids singing primary songs does wonders! Several people accepted the invitation to attend church just listening to all the little kids sings! Who knew?

It was really hard to say goodbye to Elder Gavarrete this week as he finished his mission and it made me so grateful to think how many exceptional people I have met and gotten to work with! I know have life long friends all of the world and I feel so blesssed for that!

It should be a great week of work and we will be giving a lot of training this week to the leaders in the mission so we are ready for the challenge! Oh, and I totally forgot that my birthday is tomorrow, Wow!

Elder Jensen

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