Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Wedding planner

Dear Family,

Super big highlight of the week is that in our area we got to help prepare a family that we were teaching get married and baptized on Saturday. The husband was already a member (baptized back in California) and his wife and son were baptized Saturday. It was super fun and felt great to be a part of a baptism again! Their wedding was super awesome. Elder Walton and Elder Dial, who we share the area with, had prepared a ton of awesome stuff (since they wanted a big wedding). The cool thing was this big bell that we ripped open over their heads and a ton of beans and rice came out (representing always having food in the home). It was a good time.

Triumphant after preparing the wedding.

The interesting thing about our house is that random missionaries pass through at times for trips to Guate for the visa or they are stuck the night in Reu, things like that. Well the other night an Elder had a full out ping pong set so with our creative 20 year old minds made a huge ping pong tournament in the house which was super entertaining and I never thought people from El Salvador can be so beast at ping pong because I got smoked!

I am getting a lot more comfortable with driving because now I don´t flip out when I see random motorcycles pop out of nowhere or dogs in the street in stuff. I am almost a pro Guatemalan driver now.

I am really starting to enjoy the training sessions we get to run at times. This week we had all the new missionaries come to Reu and we did some cool workshops to help them get their teaching skills up and it was super fun to be with them and teach them. We did some funny practices with me answering the door of a ´house´ and reacting differently to the missionaries at my door. It was a lot of fun.
An example of rotten bananas we did for all the new missionaries.

I now have a super strong testimony of how important it is to constantly master the scriptures. Sometimes when we go visit investigators throughout the whole mission that are struggling to make the decision to be baptized it really helps to know the scriptures because often the spirit gives me the exact scripture that helps people trust in the Lord and take that important decision! It is such an important thing to master!

This week we will be doing some big conferences in the mission with several zones so it should be really cool and we´re excited to get the whole mission excited and working hard this next month! Hope you all have a super week as well!!

Elder Jensen
In a place called the Blanca near the beach with a big pig.

We made chili dogs on Sunday! So so so so so so good

Cool palm tree and sky

Skating with Elder Merrill

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