Wednesday, August 5, 2015

El Asintal

Some cool ruins in a place called El Asintal (the ruins are called tak alik a baj)

Dear Family,

I keep forgetting how much I really don´t like the cold. In our 2 multi-zone conferences we visited some zones in the mountains and my fingers always always go numb! I guess I´m just going to have to live in a hot place when I grow up.

We were able to have 2 successful multi-zone conferences this week where we got to address all the missionaries and resolve some of the challenges that we´ve had in the mission. Elder Merrill and I gave a cool presentation talking about leaving our marks as missionaries in the wards and branches where we serve and also leaving a mark on the mission. We used the example of Omni who nobody remembers and he even said that he was wicked and didn´t accomplish what he needed to accomplish in his life. It was cool and we were able to give some good tips and training to all the missionaries. We also made a pretty awesome video presenting the option to go to Xetulul in September if we have really good results as a mission this month! Everyone was pretty excited and it was definitely a successful week with the conferences. Not to mention both time they served this delicious grilled chicken with mashed potatoes and cookies and stuff (don´t worry dad, it still doesn´t compare with your chicken).

Before all the conferences we got the chance to go work in Malacatán, which I highly enjoyed. At the end of the day we went to a place called San Rafael where one of the missionaries took me up the steepest hill I have ever seen! We pretty much had pull each other up as we ran, it was intense! I got to meet a really cool family that they had been teaching where the grandfather and his niece were the only members of the family that hadn´t yet come to church and become members but after a great lesson with them we were able to help set a date for their baptism and they are both very excited. It was really cool to be a part of that. Not to mention that I got to spend the night with one of my old companions that I was with for 4 and a half months at near the beginning of the mission.

I am excited for the upcoming challenges these next weeks and months and I hope that I can do my best to make smart decisions and continue working fervently in the Lord´s vineyard. I love the scriptures at the beginning of John 15 that talk about that if we remain in the Lord and with his help we can help bring much fruit unto him. I will do my best in the next few weeks!

Elder Jensen

More pictures from the ruins:

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